28th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2016
Continuing the theme of "PRI 2016: The Year of Ford & Mustang Parts", here's Dave Goldie of QA1 pointing out their new Mustang Race Control Arms (#s MU1RCA, MU2RCA and MU3RCA). These race units are equipped with QA1's exclusive X Series chromoly rod ends and QA1 low-friction ball joints. Includes sway bar mounts. Visit www.QA1.net.
This is such a cool product and should be in every garage and trailer. It's the QuickJack portable lifting system, available in 3,500 lb., 5,000 lb. and 7,000 lb. capacities. Position the frames under the vehicle, push the remote and the vehicle will be almost two feet off the ground. When you're done it collapses to a three-inch profile and there's no assembly required for set-up. Visit www.QuickJack.com.

Race Star Wheels
Stopping by the Race Star Wheels booth was a real treat, not just because the wheels are so good-looking, but because I reconnected with my friend Carl Robinson. I got to know Carl when he was with Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels. I was a staunch M/T Tires user and Carl was so supportive of the racers who used their tires. Race Star has a great person in Carl, and so will the racers. And look at the wheels, they are sharp! Check out that beauty in the upper right : that's their 92 Drag Star Double Bead Lock wheel in 15" x 10". I love the black with red inlay! That's Carl with Race Star's Mike Kent standing in front of their full assortment. Visit www.racestarindustries.com.
Ram Clutches
Not all of us race automatics! If you are one of the many who insist on shifting it yourself then RAM Clutches has your piece. Two of their new items at the show were their Pro Street multi-disc (upper-right in the photo) and their Pro Street single adjustable (lower-right in the photo). These clutches are designed to shift well at higher RPMs where other diaphragms fail. The full billet pressure ring and cover allow for unlimited rebuildability and flexibility in set-up. Visit www.ramclutches.com.
Remflex Exhaust Gaskets

I've been using Remflex Exhaust Gaskets on the Dragtime Dodge since I saw the company at PRI many years ago. My header flanges were always warped, and I liked how Remflex' proprietary material would crush to form the correct shape under the flange to make for a perfect seal. Since then it seems like Remflex keeps coming out with gaskets for more and more engines. So what do we have this year? In the upper left, Remflex' Rebecca Clifford is modeling their #13-008 Buick V6 2-1/4" Turbo Up-Pipe Gasket for 3.8L. In the upper right photo, Remflex' Alan Matthews is holding their #8002 3” Collector Flange with 3-3/8" bolt hole spacing. In the lower right, there's #3054 (Ford - V8, 5.4L DOHC),
#6035 (MOPAR, V8/Hemi Header Gasket 5.7L '03-'08), #6002 (Mopar B-RB), #12-001 (Pontiac), #2002 (Chevrolet Big Block), #2005 (Chevrolet Small Block), #11-001 (Oldsmobile) and #3069 (FORD V8, 5.0L Coyote Engine). Visit www.Remflex.com.

Visit Remflex' expanded PRI Show listing HERE.

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