28th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2016
Ohio Crankshaft
Ohio Crankshaft isn't just cranks, but also heads, rods, blocks, rotating assemblies and complete engines. www.ohiocrank.com.
PennGrade Oil
School was in session at the PennGrade Oil booth, where the crowd was eager to learn about what makes a great oil. By the way, those of you who were fans of Brad Penn Oil should be happy to know that this is the same product, just with a new look. PennGrade1 oil features tenacious cling which is important for us bracket racers whose motors might sit for a week or two. www.penngrade1.com.

The Permatex booth featured Jay Blake's Alcohol funny car which is now being driven by Phil Burkhart, Jr. The cool new product was their Fast Orange Grease X mechanics' laundry detergent.

According to Permatex, " Professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers regularly complain about the difficulty of removing stains and odors from their clothes. An additional problem they face is the residue of grease that can be left in the washing machine after washing heavily grease-stained clothes. This grease residue can end up on clothes washed in the next cycle. Fast Orange Grease X eliminates these problems because it is designed to effectively clean clothing that has been soiled by automotive grease, oil, tar, greasy dirt, and automotive fluids. It features a built in pre-treater that can remove up to 99 percent of automotive stains and odors. In addition, its proprietary soil release/anti-static agent actually helps repel future soils and keeps the washing machine clear of residual grease."

I was given a sample and will be trying this on my Dickies coveralls which have taken in a good amount of trans fluid over the years, and you know how stubborn those odors are. www.permatex.com.

Pit Pal Products
We all know Pit Pal Products; they offer hundreds of innovative storage solutions to save time and space in your garage, trailer or at the track. Some of their products include holders for big red cups (always a necessary accessory for after racing) and holders for safety items like first-aid kits (which you might need after having too many big red cups). But the coolest and most important product they had at the show was the Guardian Angel Magnet Mount Lights. These excellent safety lights can be worn on your clothing by using the magnet mount, or can be mounted on a vehicle or bike. The LED lights rate up to 930 lumens per LED and can be seen up to 2 miles away. The unit also includes a white LED work light. www.pitpalproducts.com.
Another company we all know is POR-15, but you might not know that POR stands for Paint Over Rust! I painted the interior floor of the Dodge many years ago with POR-15 black paint and it sealed it forever. That's NHRA Division 1 racer Jason Anagnostis, POR-15's VP and General Manager, and he was showing us the wide variety of POR-15 products including Strip Gel, High Temp paints, Detail paints that were used on that master cylinder to give each piece the look of a different metal, and metal prep products. www.por15.com.

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