28th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2016
Coolshirt Systems
Crower Cams & Equipment
CoolShirt Systems had their line of driver cooling solutions on display. Their systems are designed to keep drivers cool while in the lanes and on the track. Their multi-person systems are also great for using in the pits to help keep you and your crew cool during a hot day. Visit coolshirt.com/motorsports for more info.
If you race a small-block Chrysler with Edelbrock heads, Crower has these new shaft-mounted rockers for you. Part #74192F. Visit www.crower.com for more info.
Darton Sleeves
Darton Sleeves was showing their sleeves for Ford engines, including the 5.0 Coyote. Visit www.DartonSleeves.com.
Decal Shop
DEI - Design Engineering, Inc.
The Decal Shop provides decals and stickers custom made to your order, in any size, any shape and any number of colors. Visit www.decalshop.com.
DEI has everything for heat and sound control, including their EXO Series exhaust and pipe wrap and their Protect-A-Boots for spark plug boots and wires which I use on the Dragtime Dodge. www.designengineering.com

Dragon Racing Fuels
In addition to producing racing fuels from 95 - 116 octane, Dragon Racing Fuels had their Dragon Race Fuel Concentrate on hand. This transforms a quality 93 premium pump gasoline into a 102 octane high performance unleaded race fuel. Dragon Race Fuel Concentrate and a premium gasoline will perform as well as any unleaded race fuel within the limits of compression and RPMs. www.dragonracingfuels.com.
E3 Spark Plugs
E3 Spark Plugs have a unique electrode design that delivers maximum performance in long-term use. This design permits faster flame growth with a more complete burn for maximum combustion. e3sparkplugs.com.
Eagle Specialty Products
Eagle was displaying their line of crankshafts and connecting rods, including their new FSI 4340 forged steel I-beam rods for Chevrolet small block, big block and LS engines. Visit www.EagleRod.com.

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