28th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2016
ATI Performance Products

ATI Performance Products had their full product line on display, including transmissions, converters and Super Dampers, but the hot new items were their 8" Bolt-Together converters and Bolt-Together Lock-Up converters. With these units you can easily change stators or pumps depending on changing conditions, and you can also easily inspect and clean the unit for maintenance or in the event of a transmission failure. Visit www.atiracing.com.

Visit ATI's expanded PRI Show listing HERE.

Auto Meter Products
Auto Meter Products are some of the most widely-used tachs and gauges in our sport, but they also have tons of data acquisition products like their series of pressure senders that measure pressure in relation to ambient pressure and are compatible with a wide array of fluids such as water, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, nitrous, brake fluid and air. Also this LCD Motorsports Display with a new price point of $2,500 (down from $4,300), which features an onboard photo sensor for automatic brightness control, a carbon composite housing, and is fully user-configurable from display via integrated 4 button interface for at track changes. Optional external switch set can be mounted within driver reach for easy access. Visit www.autometer.com.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver had these very cool, very handy products on display. On the left is Battery Saver's President Frank Gabrielli holding their Digital CCA plug & play clip-on battery tester. It will measure voltage, internal resistance and the percentage of life left in the battery, and it does it all while the battery is in the vehicle. It works on SLA, GEL, AGM, Deep Cycle, Spiral Cell and Dry Cell.

On the right is their Micro-Jump 750 CCA emergency jump starter. This unit has the ability to jump larger batteries, can be used more times before needing a recharge, can be used as a mobile power station for smart phones/tablets, can be recharged either through a cigarette lighter or with its AC adaptor, and features a built-in emergency strobe for side-of-the-road assistance. Visit BatterySaver.com.

Be Cool Radiators
Be Cool Radiators also had cool things at PRI. See what I did there? On the left is their dragster-style module that features oval fluted tubes, loose fin design and hi-torque puller fan. On the right is one of their Featherweight Racing Modules designed for non-dragster Sportsman and Bracket cars. These super-lightweight units feature a 1" core. Visit www.BeCool.com.
The Blower Shop
The Blower Shop manufactures a complete line of hand-built superchargers, intake manifolds, intercoolers, and components for race, street and marine enthusiasts, from their low profile 192 and 250 superchargers, to the traditional 71 series. They now have their LS Manifold for LS1/LS3 engines, along with Manifold & Drive Kits. Visit theblowershop.com.
BOOSTane was on hand with their octane boosters for traditional and diesel fuels. BOOSTane Premium transforms 93 octane pump gas to 110 octane equivalent and is street-legal. BOOSTane Professional is for higher compression engines, is not street legal and delivers up to 116 octane. Visit boostane.com.

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