28th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2016
Sunoco Race Fuels and Jugs
Sunoco Race Fuels come in a variety of leaded and unleaded octane rating: Leaded from 107 to 118, and Unleaded from 95 to 104. Visit www.sunocoracefuels.com.One you buy the fuel you'll need some Sunoco Race Jugs, available in 10 colors. Each jug is 100% pressure tested and comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Visit www.SunocoRaceJugs.com.
VFN Fiberglass
Weld Racing
VFN Fiberglass has been producing high-quality fiberglass parts for over 46 years, from complete door slammer bodies to hundreds of complete front ends, thousands of hoods, doors, trunks, bumpers and scoops. VFN carries many types of cowl induction hoods, many of which are also available in bolt-on applications designed for street use with factory hinges and latches. Visit www.vfnfiberglass.com.
Weld Racing had a slew of gorgeous wheels including this pair of beautiful black drag wheels on display: up top is a V-Series front wheel; down below is the big, bad Delta 1, used by every NHRA Pro Stock team in the top 16. Visit weldwheels.com.
Weldon Racing Pumps
Weldon Racing Pumps is a leader in high-performance fuel pumps, fuel regulators and fuel filters for street, drag, off-road and offshore applications. They manufacture pumps that can feed engines putting out 2,400+ horsepower. Visit www.weldonracing.com.

Wilwood Disc Brakes
For those of you with racecars with tight confines, Wilwood Disc Brakes was showing this trick Compact Remote Tandem Master Cylinder (in the left photo) and the reservoirs that mount away for the master. Visit www.wilwood.com.
World Products
In addition to their usual assortment of big- and small-block Chevy and small-block Ford blocks, World Products was showing off two awesome new big-block Chevy pieces that will be available in July 2017. For the race cars is a new Merlin IV block that features thicker main webs and cylinder walls that are .290" @ 4.600" bore. Deck heights are also new at 9.500" to 9.850" and 10.200" to 10.250." The really big news (for me, anyway) is what's on that stand in the photo: that's their new stock replacement 8.1L Vortec block. Many of us (me included) tow with an 8.1L motor and now that they are out of production they will become scarce. This new Vortec includes stock crank sensor position, stock oil filter provisions, stock oil cooler provisions and stock accessory mounts. Visit www.pbm-erson.com.
Getting Home Is Not Half The Fun...
We hit the road on Saturday afternoon, driving out straight from the show.
The later it gets, the fewer and fewer other cars there are.
Eventually it's just me and the trucks.
Into the void, and onto next year's PRI Show. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you liked the coverage!

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