28th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2016
Callies Performance Products
Callies is an industry leader for innovative product design and offers the highest quality crankshafts, connecting rods, and camshaft cores available on the market today. Visit www.callies.com to see their full product line.
Cam Motion
Cam Motion is a high performance and racing custom camshaft manufacturer that specializes in GM applications including LS and Gen V LT1. Visit www.cammotion.com.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks
Chris Alston's Chassisworks had this sharp bolt-in drag race strut clip on display. Visit www.cachassisworks.com.
Collector Tethers / Drag Race Solutions
Not only does he have a great website (www.DragRaceResults.com), but now racer Scott Lemen has Collector Tethers, a company that produces products including collector tethers (duh), a wide assortment of vacuum pump pulleys, water filler neck expansion tanks, dial board brackets, AN fittings and much more. Visit www.DragRaceSolutions.com.
COMP Cams had some interesting new products at PRI, including the SPR Radius Tip Rocker Arm for GM LS1 and LS3. These have a coined nitrided tip that reduces friction and are available with either needle bearings or bushed. I thought the really trick item was their new XD-A Adjustable Pushrods. These are not checking pushrods; these are meant for competition use and can be adjusted over a range of .232 in .004 increments using internal shims. Visit www.compcams.com.

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