2016 PRI Show Spotlight: Remflex Exhaust Gaskets
I've been using Remflex Exhaust Gaskets on the Dragtime Dodge since I saw the company at PRI many years ago. My header flanges were always warped, and I liked how Remflex' proprietary material would crush to form the correct shape under the flange to make for a perfect seal. Since then it seems like Remflex keeps coming out with gaskets for more and more engines.

Visit www.Remflex.com.

Here's Remflex' Rebecca Clifford showing us their #13-008 Buick V6 2-1/4" Turbo Up-Pipe Gasket for 3.8L.

Remflex' Alan Matthews is holding their #8002 3” Collector Flange with 3-3/8" bolt hole spacing.

This is only a fraction of the gaskets that Remflex offers.

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