Tucson Dragway's 2017 Bracket Racing Points Program
For you racers in the Southwest, here's info submitted from Tucson Dragway (www.tucsondragway.com) about its 2017 bracket series. I always like seeing how different tracks run their bracket points programs.
"We are very excited to start the 2017 Team Tucson Race Season! We know Arizona has some of the best racers in the country and look forward to spending quality racing and time with family and friends. Thank you for your support and efforts to make Tucson Dragway your home track! There have been a lot of changes to Tucson Dragway in the past year. We welcome and encourage your input to build a strong drag racing community for years to come! We are a family friendly race track that goes above and beyond for customer comfort and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the absolute best racing surface and facility for our racers.

You will notice our weekend events include two separate days of racing including a Friday night Gambler Race. This will cut down on traveling costs for our out of town guests. A best seven out of nine race series allows for more schedule flexibility.

For the 2017 Race Season Team Tucson Racers will be competing for Gold Cards, which are good for any 2018 event that Tucson Dragway promotes, exceptions would be track rentals and any other outside promoted events; along with the Gold Card the Track Champion in each class will receive a Champions Jacket and Trophy. Silver Cards for the Runner Up in each class, which will let you run in the Team Races for 2018. Third Place will receive a Bronze Card, which is good for entry into any Tucson Dragway Test and Tune for the 2018 Season. As an added bonus, to show our appreciation for your support, the champions in ALL 4 classes will receive a 2017 Hangover Nationals Entry!

Team Tucson 2017 Season Dates
Team Race #1 - February 4th - Gates Open at 8am and Track Hot at 10am
Team Race #2 - February 5th - Gates Open at 8am and Track Hot at 10am
Team Race #3 - March 11th - Gates Open at 8am and Track Hot at 10am
Team Race #4 - March 12th - Gates Open at 2pm and Track Hot at 4pm
Team Race #5 - April 1st - Gates Open at 2pm and Track Hot at 4pm
Team Race #6 - April 2nd - Gates Open at 2pm and Track Hot at 4pm
Team Race #7 - June 17th - Gates Open at 2pm and Track Hot at 4pm
Team Race #8 - August 26th - Gates Open at 2pm and Track Hot at 4pm
Team Race #9 - September 23rd - Gates Open at 2pm and Track Hot at 4pm

Team Tucson 2017 Season Rules

2017 Series: This is a nine (9) race series; we will count your best seven (7) races for points. You must run in at least six (6) Summit Series Races in order to qualify for the NHRA Summit Race Of Champions at the ET Finals. At the ET Finals you can also qualify for a chance at big prize money, A Wally and Gold Card at the World ET Finals in Pomona. The ET Finals winner of each Saturday Classes race will be invited to race as well.

Breakage Rule: If your race vehicle breaks during qualifying only please contact your Team Captain ASAP, you may tech and enter another vehicle as long as that vehicle is not already in competition. You must dial an ET within your class. If no alternate vehicle is available you may request a refund of the entry fee. Any gate, crew and spectator fees are nonrefundable. Show up and/or qualifying points will also be forfeited as well.

Classes: When you sign up for the series, you must choose and designate a class or classes to earn your points. If you wish to change your class during the series, you will lose your round points and qualifying points for that class. You will only keep your show up points and transfer them into the new class you are joining.

High School Class: The High School Class will run with the Sportsman (Street) class during the 2017 series but must stay within the NHRA Summit ET High School Rules. Please refer to the NHRA Rule Book for all class rules. As a high school participant your points will be kept separate as to determine our high school track champion. At the ET Finals, the High School class can run in sportsman on Saturday, however, on Sunday it will be its own class (Top Five). Minors that are 16 & 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign a wavier of release at the first event. An NHRA minor drivers card will be issued to the driver for future events.

Ties: Points will be tallied throughout the year for a final year end points champion in each class. In the event of a tie (1st tiebreaker) the racer with the most rounds won. (2nd tiebreaker) the racer with the most wins. (3rd tiebreaker) the racer with the most runner-up finishes. (4th tiebreaker) The racer with the most head to head wins.

Dial-In: You must stay within your index for the class that you signed up for. If you DIAL out of your class index at any time during eliminations and win, you will be disqualified and your competitor will be reinstated. Each competitor will be responsible for checking the "Dial In Boards" and scoreboards for his/her dial in. If your "dial in" on the board is not correct, DO NOT STAGE your vehicle. Get the starter's attention to make the necessary corrections. Once you stage, you have accepted the dial in for that round. Win or lose, the run will stand.

Staging Lanes: Once in the staging lanes, lane changing or swapping is not permitted. When you are at the ready line area and your dial-in has been called to the tower, the two vehicles are now set as a pair.

Run For The Money: An optional run for the money will be conducted during the second time run, optional meaning you can participate in the time run without paying the $20 lane fee but you will not be eligible for the prize money. If you choose not to participate, DO NOT PUT A DIAL ON YOUR CAR; treat it as a time run only. However, you will be eligible for the first round bye if you happen to have the best reaction time whether you pay or not. The run for the money winner is the racer who is closest to their dial in without breaking out, reaction time is the tiebreaker and if there is still a tie the racer who did it first is the winner. CROSSTALK WILL BE USED IN SUPER PRO RFTM if preferred, place “N” after dial if you do not want it.

Bye Runs: First round bye run will be determined by the racer with the best reaction time during all qualifying runs. Second round bye run will be determined on a ladder by the racer who has the best reaction time from the previous round. If there are multiple racers who cut a perfect light the one who got the perfect light first will get the bye. The Potential Bye will be pulled to the side to see if there is an uneven number of cars.

Cross Talk: Super Pro (box, electronic) class only. If you do not want Cross Talk please put an “N” for NO behind your dial. Otherwise cross talk will be activated.

Re-Runs: In the event of a re-run, both competitors will stay in the same lane as the previous run. dial ins me be changed.

Courtesy Staging: Is not required but recommended.

Deep Staging: Vehicles must be marked on all four sides with DEEP on their windows. The starter will not wait or hold up your competitor for a deep staging process. It is marked as a courtesy to the starter and your competitor. If you deep stage without "DEEP" on your window the starter has full discretion and the final call whether to back you out to re-stage or you will be disqualified for a staging infraction.

Taillights: One functional, operating taillight is mandatory after sunset from starting line to finish line during a pass. A burned out bulb is not functional or operating. This rule is for safety and will be strictly enforced. The use of LED bulbs or lights is highly recommended. Flashing, blinking or strobe lights are prohibited.

Team Fundraiser Money: Throughout the season, all team fundraising money will be used for the ET final team expenses, apparel, travel money, food and beverage, etc. Please support your team! We are open to any fund raising ideas as well.

Team Tucson Guaranteed Payouts!

Super Pro
Winner: $1,000
Runner-Up: $400
Semi's: $150 (32+ Entries)
Quarter's: $70 (40+ Entries)

Winner: $800
Runner-Up: $300
Semi's: $100 (32+ Entries)
Quarter's: $50 (40+ Entries)

Winner: $200
Runner-Up: $100
Semi's: $40 (40+ Entries)
Winner: $200
Runner-Up: $100
Semi's: $40 (40+ Entries)

Fees for your 2017 Team Tucson Season

Spectator Wristband: $10.00
Crew Wristband: $15.00
Kids 12 & Under are Free

Super Pro: $80 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 7.00 to 12.25
Pro: $60 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 9.00 to 14.25
Sportsman: $40 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 12.00 to 20.25
High School: $40 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 12.00 to 20.25
Motorcycle: $40 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 7.50 to 16.25
JR Dragster: $30 - Index: (age appropriate for 1/8 Mile)

NHRA Membership and Car Number: For the points series you must have an NHRA ET number for your race vehicle in order to earn points in your class. If you do not have a permanent ET number, a temporary one can be issued to you when you sign up. If you qualify for the ET Finals and want to practice you will need to purchase a permanent NHRA “ET” Number and NHRA Membership prior to participating at the Summit ET Finals at NHRA online at nhra.com. (The High School Class will get theirs from NHRA).

Team Membership Fee: The cost to be a Team Tucson Dragway Member for the 2017 season will be $40.00 (Cash or Check made payable to Team Tucson Dragway). When you sign up you will receive one Team Tucson Dragway T-Shirt and the right to earn points during the series for a chance to be the 2017 Track Champion and a chance to Race in The ET Finals!

Points System: Please Keep Track of your points! We will "Keep Score" and post the points standings periodically on Facebook and emails . Please discuss any discrepancies with team captain, Tom Payton.

50 Points for Show Up and Tech of your Race Vehicle.
100 Points for Each Round Win.

There will be two throw out races in which you will keep your show up points and throw out your two lowest scoring performances.

Qualifying Points: Qualifying Points will be awarded in each class for the 10 best reaction times during the 2 time runs ( #1 will get 10 points, #2 will get 9 points, etc.) Please only run when your class is called. If you run out of your class, or make an additional run during qualifying, your qualifying points will be forfeited. Running in order will help expedite the program as well as maintain accurate qualifying points and eliminations ladder. Please run in your class only at all times when called to the lanes.

**This is a best seven (7) races out of a nine (9) race series**

Friday Night Gambler Series Details

February 3rd - Gambler starts approximately at 8:00pm
March 10th - Gambler starts approximately at 8:00pm
March 31st - Gambler starts approximately at 8:00pm
May 19th - Gambler starts approximately at 8:00pm
June 16th - Gambler starts approximately at 8:00pm
September 22nd - Gambler starts approximately at 8:00pm

If you would like to enter the Gambler Points Series there is a one time fee of $25. Since we are trying this Gambler Points Series for the first time the End of The Year Prizes will be determined once we see the response from you the racers. We know for sure the Winner of the Gambler Points Series at the end of the season will receive an entry in The Hangover Nationals.

$20 Cash in the Lanes, 70% Winner & 30% Runner-Up, Buybacks Not Included

Points Structure: 50 points for show and tech of vehicle. 100 Points for each round win.

First Round Buy Backs in the lanes for $20, Buy Back Participants will enter directly into second round.

Points will be tallied throughout the year for a final year end points champion in each class. In the event of a tie (1st tiebreaker) the racer with the most rounds won. (2nd tiebreaker) the racer with the most wins. (3rd tiebreaker) the racer with the most runner-up finishes. (4th tiebreaker) The racer with the most head to head wins.

This is an ALL RUN class, therefore Crosstalk will not be used.

Random pairing throughout eliminations.

First round bye (If applicable) will be random number called from the tower, all additional byes will be best reaction from previous round, byes do NOT carry over.

All NHRA rules apply per speed and ET Requirements.

Taillights required to be turned on and functioning when track lights are on.

Courtesy staging will not be required, but recommended."

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