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Welcome to our photocoverage from the 2016 Dodge NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. We were planning to be on location from Friday, September 30 - Sunday, October 2, 2016, but Mother Nature had other plans; we ended up just going on Saturday. Friday was a total washout, Saturday was hit or miss (mostly miss) and because of the forecast for Sunday we opted to cut our losses. So racers, there isn't a whole lot we could do with that as far as covering the Sportsman classes, but we did what we could on Saturday. I'd like to send a thank you to NHRA for granting media access to the starting line area, and to Maple Grove Raceway for the hospitality.

I couldn't believe how many fans were pouring into Maple Grove on Saturday despite the awful weather conditions and forecast.
They were streaming in from all entrances.
I know it's tough to read, but that's sunscreen on the menu. I don't think he sold a lot of that.
Fans coming in, racers going out.

And another one.
It's like this every year at The Grove: the fans are hardcore!
Yeah, that's having a problem with alcohol.
Ronnie Dicks saying "c'mon Stock Eliminator, let's get to the lanes!"

Then asking "you got a problem with that?"

Division 1 photographer Phil Hutchison on the scene.
Here comes Stock Eliminator for qualifying! First to the lanes and eventually first on the qualifying list with a 1.281-under #1 is Chris Holbrook from Livonia MI, in the 2016 Mustang.

The '69 Camaro of Tim Barrett followed in by...

...the '69 Camaro of Carl Massafra
Guys, this is not the track. I know you haven't seen the track yet this weekend, but these are just the lanes ! :-)
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