Sponsor Spotlight: ATI Performance Products
ATI Performance Products is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for 60 years. The company specializes in racing transmissions, torque converters, engine dampers and the internal parts for each. ATI races what they sell so you can be sure what you’re buying has already been race proven. Everything they make is manufactured under the roof of their 100,000 sq/ft facility located in Baltimore Maryland.

ATI manufactures its own SFI cases for the Power Glide, TH350 and TH400 and offers many different bell housings and options to fit what you race. ATI 8" and 9" torque converters are made from 100% new parts, no old cores here. ATI’s Super Damper is the industry leading damper and is used exclusively in NASCAR, NHRA Pro-Stock, and by every quality engine builder in the world.

In the transmission department, you can find plenty of models to choose from. Based on the weight & horsepower of your combination, ATI can spec you a transmission and converter combination to guide you to the winner’s circle no matter what your combination is. Whether its aluminum drums, Vasco shafts or trick trans brake valve bodies, ATI makes the parts to put in anything from a basic foot brake Glide for your bracket car, to an all-out Outlaw TH400 Lock Up for your Pro-mod. ATI has the parts and the knowledge to build you a reliable transmission to fit your specific needs. They also supply a wide variety of torque converters; each one specifically made to order. ATI offers everything from light weight 8” units for NHRA Stock class racing all the way up to 10.5” Outlaw Lock UP converters for 3000+HP door cars. They even offer a line of StreetMaster Converters for your hot rod or street car.

When it comes to a harmonic balancer the ATI Super Damper has the best design on the market, period! The design is simply the best piece available and provides the most protection you can get for your engine. After spending a significant amount of your hard earned money on a new power plant, an ATI Super Damper is the best insurance policy you could purchase to protect that new investment. A damper plays such an important role in both absorbing harmonics and preventing torsional twist of the crank shaft. With the best technology readily available, why would you want to risk your investment on anything else? Plus, the ATI damper is completely rebuild-able and every individual part is available separately and service is easy. Only ATI offers a damper that will last the entire life of your engine and then some.

For more information, visit www.ATIRacing.com.

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