Rocky Mountain Superchargers Light Up 2017 Season

The Rocky Mountain Superchargers is ready to kick off its 2017 season.

On May 6th Competition Products presents Thunder in the Rockies at Pueblo Motorsports Park. Top Supercharged Thunder and Pro Supercharged / All Stars.

The Colorado Fuel and Gas Championships are presented by Howard's Cams at Pueblo on June 3rd. The Superchargers will be racing its Top Supercharged and Pro Supercharged eliminators. Pueblo Motorsports Park is planning some exciting changes to their format for this race to give that "nostalgia" feel evoked by the Fuel and Gas Championships title.

The historic High Altitude Nationals return to Pueblo June 24th. Points will be awarded for Top Supercharged and Pro Supercharged.

On July 22nd the Superchargers are in Wichita (Maize) Kansas for another of the high profile races at Kansas City Dragway. This is a big 8 car event for Pro Supercharged / Al Star racers and a match race opportunity for Top Supercharged Thunder.

Then Great Bend Kansas on August 5th. Top Supercharged and Pro Supercharged racers will earn points for our ever richer Championship. This is a "don't miss."

Two weeks later, August 18th, it's the "Funny Car 500" at Yellowstone in Billings (Acton) Montana. 8 funny cars and the Superchargers fattest payout ever.

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