Photos on The Dragtime News / other sources for drag racing photos

If you're a Sportsman or bracket racer and we've photographed you in our Dragtime News On Location features or you're interested in a particular photo, send an email to and let me know where the photo appears (which event, page numbers, position on page).

Sorry, photos of the Professional categories (Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle) are not available.


Drag racing photographers are extremely dedicated to our sport. After we racers have made our passes and are back in our trailers or motorhomes waiting for the next call, they're still out there capturing the action. Here are spotlights on some featured photgraphers, along with links to the websites of additional drag racing photographers. If you see something you like, whether here at The Dragtime News or elsewhere, please show that you appreciate the effort by buying a photo or two.

Elk Creek Dragway: Ray Jacobs,

ESTA Safety Park: Vicki Hopper,

Farmington Dragway:

JYR Motorsports: James Young, Jr.,

Lebanon Valley Dragway: Jim Knights,

Maple Grove Raceway: Don Carrick,

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Atco Raceway: Dave Milcarek,