A Weekend With the Hanna Motorsports Professional Jet Drag Racing Team

Maple Grove Raceway - I spent the weekend at Super Chevy as a guest of Hanna Motorsports. the three car professional jet drag racing team. The team tours all over the country and competes at events like Super Chevy and other specialty drag racing events. Notice I used the word "competes." Racers, I know that many of you think the exhibition teams aren't competing, but I have to tell you that after my time with them and seeing how competetive they are, don't doubt that they are always trying to turn on the win light. There's a lot of tuning that goes into these engines in an effort to get the most out of them, and when the drivers stage, they're trying to drill the 'Tree just like you and me. Make no mistake, these are hard-core racers. Hopefully my photo essay will illustrate that.

The day begins with getting the cars out of the trailer and ready to race
This is a team effort and everyone wears a lot of hats. This is driver Ken Hall making sure the tow vehicle is spotless.
Team owner Al Hanna and his driver of The Queen Of Diamonds II, Jill Canuso. Al is a veteran of nitro funny car (Google "The Eastern Raider") and Jill has raced everything from motorcycles to monster trucks.
The crew takes care of getting everything ready, including filling the fuel tanks...
...but the drivers pack their own chutes.

Ken Hall, driver of the Top Secret Eastern Raider taking a moment to check out the track.

Fans started gathering shortly after the cars were unloaded from the trailers.
GOJO is a big supporter of Hanna Motorsports. Here's the GOJO Firebird along with the GOJO product display.
Rodney Fazekis is the crew chief of the Queen Of Diamonds II. Rodney is also the current owner/driver of Al Hanna's original Eastern Raider funny car.
Everybody wants a closer look at what makes these cars fly.
Jill Canuso stopping to sign autographs for fans, as Rodney undertakes some welding.

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