Tech, Tests & Installs: The Dodge Gets Wired

Here's the pile that Steve eradicated from the Dodge!
And here's Steve, standing proudly over the completed job.

Check this out! Being a racer himself, Steve knows that some tracks are dark at night in the pits and lanes. He added this bright LED light that goes on when the doors are opened or when you rotate the headlight switch.
Steve even added some black carpet to the floor area, just to neaten the job. It shows that Steve puts a lot of pride into his work.

Steve chuckles at some of the many things he pulled out of the Dodge and replaced, like this box full 'o kwap!
Before and after: under hood, firewall.

Before and after: under hood, passenger-side inner fender.

Before and after: interior.

Racers, if you need any electrical or fabrication work and live in the NJ/PA/DE area of the country, contact Steve Russell at (

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Photos: The Dragtime News & Arlene Russell