Dragtime News On Location: Shakedown Nationals / Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, October 12th 2012

I went to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park on Friday night, October 12th to check out the qualifying sessions for the Shakedown Nationals. Man, it was cold, but the track seemed like it was holding some fast cars. The photos I'm presenting here are sort of an experiment, trying to figure out what settings my new camera likes for shooting action at night. As you'll see I'm not there yet, but I figured I'd still share what I got, just in case you were there. These are just random shots I took over the night.

Cars and bikes are both welcomed at The Shakedown Nationals. The Fox-body Mustangs are a popular vehicle-of-choice at the event. 
One of the bikes had an oil leak, and the starting line crew was right on top of it, shutting the bike off before it could make a pass. If they didn't and the bike had made the pass, it could have had a tragic ending. Hopefully the rider thanked them.
 Speaking of bikes, look who it is: none other than NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champ Eddie Krawiec coming back to Etown to manage the track prep. From what I saw the track was killer, despite the 45 degree air temperature.
I used this shot and others like it because I liked how they showed a sense of speed and motion.


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