26th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, Indianapolis, IN, / December 2014

Welcome to our coverage from the 2014 Performance Racing Industry Show, held December 11 - 13, 2014 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN.

This show was the most energized PRI Show that we've attended. Booth traffic was very heavy, the aisles were full of buyers, and everyone I spoke with was very happy with the turnout. The PRI Show management did a phenomenal job as usual in providing loads of extra value to its exhibitors and attendees, whether from the WiFi throughout the show floor, to the Grand Opening breakfast, to the Happy Hour. All of these were provided free of charge by PRI. The show management also provided free sandwiches, soda and beer to the exhibitors who were setting up their booths on Wednesday. I've never seen this at any other trade show.

We have tons of products to present here so we hope you'll take your time with this coverage. We'll start off with Wednesday, December 10th and the various industry seminars that take place on the day before the show opens.

The Calm Before The Storm
The entire Indiana Convention Center turns into PRI, USA!

PRI's commitment to the drag racing segment of motorsports is apparent everywhere you look.

Our friends from Stroud Safety taking a break from booth set-up to take in some of the other Wednesday activities. This is Stroud's MJ Jerome, Bob Stroud and Stacy Williams.

Move-in day! Mother Nature cooperated with great weather.
Everybody is excited on move-in day...
...they've been waiting all year for it!
This cart was making the rounds on Wednesday in the show hall, handing out free sandwiches, soda and beer to the exhibitors who were setting up their booths, all compliments of PRI. I've been to many trade shows in other industries and have never seen this.

Nor this: trade show floors are notoriously bad for cell signals, so PRI arranged for free WiFi. It was awesome; my connection was super-fast no matter where I was in the show.

PRI has a line of very cool PRI Gear that's available at the show.

Advanced Engineering Technology Conference

Now in its 25th year, the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC) brings together engine builders, parts manufacturers, racers, engineers, shop owners and more to exchange information on the foremost race engine-building topics of the day. If you're an engine builder, this is a must-attend event covering the latest in race engine technology and innovation. Put this on your show planner for the 2015 PRI Show.

Attendees get a firsthand look at some of latest technological advances, and a new product display area provides a hands-on opportunity to review the newest performance products.

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