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Saturday, May 23, 2015

We were on location, albeit briefly, at Maple Grove Raceway for qualifying at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. We were able to capture some Stock, Super Stock, Super Street, Super Comp, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and Pro Stock Sled, at which point we had to leave for family matters. Sorry to our friends in Super Gas, Comp Eliminator, Alcohol Funny Car and Alcohol Dragster for not being able to capture any shots of you.

It was a picture-perfect day for racing at The Grove today!
Stock Eliminator is in the lanes, ready to hit the track...

Our friend Ron Infantino is strapped in and ready to go in his flawless G/SA Camaro.
Jim Powers is all focus as he sits in his office.

When I said flawless I wasn't kidding: look at Ron Infantino's Stocker as it waits with the Pre-Stage bulb on.
Jim Powers lighting 'em up.

What a beauty! The 1971 AA/SA Corvette of Bruce Noland from Leesburg VA.

Representing the FoMoCo crowd is the hard-charging 1969 C/SA Mercury Cougar of Bart Kilraine from Carrolltown PA.

Steve Calabro over there wheelstands his way to a 1-second-under run in the gorgeous '69 A/SA Camaro. Index is 11.00; he goes 9.999.
The new-gen Camaro stockers are awesome, like this one of 2013 FS/C of Victor Ricci from Easton PA.
Why do we love Stock Eliminator? For the drop-tops, like this 1969 G/S Camaro of Jim Roberts. Yup, it's a drop-top AND a stick!
This is a time of intense concentration. All of us racers know this moment, including Mike Epprecht.
Mike's Stocker is this unique 1994 Q/SA Caprice.
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