Dragtime News On Location: 2014 LI Hot Rod Reunion / Old Days Drags, Englishtown, NJ
Welcome to our photo coverage of the 2014 Long Island Hot Rod Reunion and Old Days Drags at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. Saturday July 26th was the LI Hot Rod Reunion and being that I got my start in bracket racing at Long Island Motorsports Park in Westhampton, LI, NY, I knew I had to bring the Dodge. I had a good day, going to the final of the Pro Tree Eliminator against my good friend Lenny Catalanotto. It was a good race and I'm lucky that it went my way. On Sunday, July 27th I left the Dodge at home and just brought my camera. As a result there are a lot more photos from Sunday.
Starting off with Saturday. You can see it was a beautiful day for the Long Island Hot Rod Reunion.

Neal Egenberger brought his box Nova all the way from Sound Beach, LI, NY.
I loved the Cyclone!

How about Brian Kreiger's flawless 1976 Gran Torino that hikes the fronts! Check out the air intakes where the inner headlights used to be!

Sorry, I don't know what year this old Chevy is. I just know it's cool!

There's a lot of Long Island racing history sitting here under the tower. We all knew it as the Ted's Transmissions coupe. It looks different now. I guess when Long Island lost its dragstrips they turned it into a street car.

Still leaves hard, though.

Kenny G: Ken Guarniere waits under the tower.

Kenny G's '55 looks good from any angle.

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