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Edward Schrader in the near lane leaves first on a 10.00 dial with a .178 light. Richard Preiser chases on a 9.24 dial with an .029 light and is already ahead here. Game over.
Of all of the red '70 Hemi Barracuda Super Stockers from Whitehouse Station, NJ, the one of John Kakalecik is my favorite.
Joe Garbarine is out in front thanks to a .007 redlight. John Hawks takes the win.
Jeff Tripp (far) has the 'Tree so he drops the nose and slams the door on Jim Marshall
Charlie Bubka (near) is .008 red and hands the win to David Thomas
Ditto with Wally Clark in the near lane: .008 rad, handing it to Guy DesJardins
Louis LoSapio (far) learns the hard way that a dead-on-6 pass when coupled with a not-too-bad .075 light will still give Byron Worner plenty to get in on for the win
Jamie Schoenly (near) has the 'Tree and the win over Eric Merryfield in the '96 Dakota

Rich DiOrio in the '56 is almost completely turned around trying to size up the hard-charging but dead-late Anthony Scinto.

Anthony Fetch does his usual amazing stripe-job on Frank Maiolo. They were just about even at the 'Tree but Fetch pulls out a dead-on-7 pass.
Don Belles (far) over a red-lighting Bob Lasko
Kevin Clark looks out the window to try to pick up his opponent David Chiles. Chiles was dead-late, way off the dial and nowhere to be found
Bruce Ward (far) and Ray Scardelli. Ward had the 'Tree but couldn't run the number. Scardelli drops the nose for the win
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