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Product News
Improved Bantam Body Available at S&W Race Cars
Spring City, PA – The nearly flawless fiberglass Bantam body is now available at S&W Race Cars . It has been made to S&W’s specifications, by Riggeal’s Performance Fiberglass and Composites, for painless mounting to your Altered chassis. The improved body includes extended body lips, which will provide a smoother edge when fitting the body. Also, the black gel coat is so smooth; you can run it without paint. The Bantam’s superior finish is the result of the new and well crafted mold. Other features include; a raised windscreen area, aerodynamic steering rod cover and integral parachute mount. The promotional video with 360 degree views can be viewed on S&W’s website, social pages and YouTube Channel. Call for pricing

For additional information and detailed specifications, please call Toll Free 1-800-532-3353 or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

PROFORM's New Billet Aluminum Weighing System
Beautifully CNC machined billet aluminum, super slim weighing pads, and new enhanced wireless connectivity make this scale PROFORM's premium offering. Standard control box features include: a LCD display with backlit illumination displaying battery life and wireless signal strength indicators. Standard measurements include: weight/percentage, side/side, front/back, cross weight calculations; Lbs./Kgs units. Each pad is 15" x 15" and 1-5/16" thick, making them thin enough to drive directly onto. Also offered, a free downloadable PC compatible program to record measurements for multiple vehicles over time. Lastly, a wheeled hard-shell case with telescoping handle and full interior padding is included. Individual scale pads have a 1,750-lb. capacity for a total scale capacity of 7,000 lbs. Scale is accurate to 1/10th of 1%. AA batteries and USB cable included.
Premium Features:
• CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Pads
• Enhanced Wireless Connectivity
• Two Years Standby Mode Power Capacity
Standard Features:
• LCD Display w/ Backlit Illumination
• Measures Weight/Percentage, Side/Side, Front/Back and Cross Weight in Lbs. & Kgs Units
• PC Compatible Program Records Measurements for Multiple Vehicles
• Scale Pads 15" x 15"; 1-5/16" Thick
• Drive-up Edges on Pads (No Need for Ramps)
• Wheeled Hard Storage Case w/ Telescoping Handle (Included)

For more information, visit www.proformparts.com.

JEGS Low Profile Creeper
JEGS Low Profile Creeper hugs the ground with 1” of clearance to get you under any project. The 2” thick padded headrest and plastic contoured construction allows you to work in comfort. This creeper will move up to 250 lbs. around on six swivel casters and comes complete with two removable magnetic trays so nuts and bolts will stay right by your side.

• 250 lb. capacity
• Contoured plastic with padded headrest
• Molded-in carry handle
• Weighs only 15 pounds
• Low profile 1” clearance
• Includes (2) 11” L x 3” W x 0.75” D magnetic trays

For more information visit www.jegs.com/i/JEGS-Performance-Products/555/81164/10002/-1.

New 'Rogue' Line of Basalt Heat Products from Thermo-Tec
Form and function come together in the all new Rogue Series, an entirely new line-up of basalt heat insulation products from industry leader Thermo-Tec.

The new Rogue Series includes T3 and T4 turbocharger covers and kits, 6-inch and 1-foot pipe shields, and 1-and 2-inch by 50-foot exhaust wraps, in both Carbon Fiber and Ricochet Black color schemes. While basalt products have existed in Thermo-Tec’s product catalog for more than three years, the new Rogue Series consolidates them into a single line.

“The new Rogue Series is a great example of appearance meeting performance,” Nick Helms of Thermo-Tec said. “These products can be placed on automobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, and more, plus they provide the dependability you need, with the clean, updated look customers have been asking for.”

Basalt is a continuous filament made from volcanic rock, Helms explains. And while its protection properties are similar to those of the fiberglass wrap, the basalt weave holds its appearance over time, resulting in a much nicer overall look for much longer.

In addition to its new Rogue Series, Thermo-Tec also markets several other heat barrier products, including exhaust wraps/insulation, coatings and adhesives, sound and heat barriers, as well as heat shields and sleeving.

Rogue Series products are made in America and Thermo-Tec is proudly supporting the Wounded Warrior Project with the new line. To learn more, go to www.rogueseries.com.

JEGS 20ft. Recoil Air Hose
JEGS Recoil Air Hose is lightweight and flexible, ideal for maneuvering around the shop or in the pits. It is manufactured from flexible, kink resistant polyurethane that can handle up to 120 psi working pressure. A superb hose for use with air tools, filling tires, and many other tasks.

•1/4" x 20'
•Maximum working pressure: 120 PSI
•1/4" NPTM Fitting Ends
•Kink Resistant
•Yellow Polyurethane

Please visit for further information: www.jegs.com/i/JEGS-Performance-Products/555/81057/10002/-1.

Save Weight with ATI's New Clutch Drum Kits
ATI Performance Products is proud to introduce their brand new OEM replacement clutch drum assembly for the GM Powerglide transmission. Made with superior modern material, the ATI drum assembly is 7 tenths of a pound lighter than the hard-to-find OEM unit, accepts the stock piston and accepts 5-7 clutches easily. Because it’s from ATI, you can trust the quality of these drums are second to none.

Part number 207015, which comes complete with a teflon bushing and check ball, is on the shelf and ready for shipment today.

ATI Performance Products, Inc. is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions.

For more information about ATI Performance Products, visit www.atiracing.com.

S&W’s Wheelie Bar Line Expands
Spring City, PA – S&W’s new economical and versatile Tubular Wheelie Bar Kit has been released. As with all S&W Do-It-Yourself kits, the new wheelie bar kit is shipped complete with all components, a pair of wheels and hardware. This is a universal product, engineered for both new builds and for trouble free upgrades. The pre-cut pieces of chrome moly tubing are long enough to produce an 85” long x 28” wide wheelie bar. The tubing lengths can be shortened, by the customer; to achieve their desired overall assembled length and width. 1/2” FK Chrome Moly Rod Ends are supplied for use on all attachment points, allowing for use of most pre-existing mounting set-ups. For making quick adjustments, the upper tubes feature right and left hand rod ends. The kit also features double shear universal mounting tabs, to fit many applications. The wheel brackets are pre-welded. All other tubes to be cut, fit and welded by the customer. Optional: Billet wheelie bar wheels available for additional fee.

o 1-1/4” diam. X .065” wall X 85” long Chrome Moly Upper & Lower Strut Tubes
o 1-1/8” diam. X 058” wall Chrome Moly Crossmember & X-Member Tubes

“Our team has been methodically scrutinizing every product category; discussing ways to improve upon existing products and/or identify the need for new product development. Our wheelie bar selection is extensive, but there was a need for this kit and we have successfully addressed it,” said S&W’s President, Michael Weney.

P/N 40-384U
Introductory Price $493.95

For additional information and detailed specifications, please call Toll Free 1-800-532-3353 and/or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

Diapers and Ballistic Blankets from Stroud Safety
Many tracks now require diapers and ballistic blankets on competitors' vehicles. The Stroud Safety Engine Diaper is available in either the SFI 7.1 Kevlar style or the 7.2 Ballistic Nylon Sportsman style.

Super absorbent and replaceable pads dramatically reduce the amount of fluid spillage that results from engine failure.

The ballistic protection provided will also contain projectile debris that could also cause injury to drivers, crew, and spectators. Stroud has diapers for all engine and oil pan combinations and all types of cars. Custom applications are welcome and Stroud re-certifies all of their SFI rated products.

Visit www.stroudsafety.com for more information.

ATI's New Vasco Main Shafts for 4L80E/85E Transmissions
ATI Performance Products, Inc proudly introduces an all-new Vasco Main Shaft for the 4L80E/4L85E transmission. This new main shaft is 100% machined, heat treated, and finished in ATI's Baltimore facility.

• Solid design for center lube transmissions only
• No lube holes help eliminate premature fractures
• Correct length, no modifications are required for fitment
• 75% stronger than 4340 and 20% stronger than 300M
• Zero failures during in-vehicle testing
• Proven design derived from our extreme High HP 400 and PG shafts
• 30 years of input shaft manufacturing experience

ATI has earned a solid reputation for building the finest and strongest racing transmissions and components in the business, and with 2000 HP max holding capability (weight limited), this new shaft is no exception. Part number 705311 is priced at just $349.95 and are in stock ready to ship.

For more information about ATI Performance Products, visit www.atiracing.com.

Professional Heavy-Duty Spring Compressor from PROFORM® Parts
PROFORM’s New Professional Heavy-Duty Valve Spring Compressor (#66764) is designed for expert engine builders and cylinder head professionals. This adjustable spring compressor features extra reinforced gussets, dual pins on the adjustable arm, and a reinforced compression-hold handle. Designed to compress even the largest high-pressure valve springs (with the cylinder heads removed). Able to handle up to 1000 lbs of pressure vs. the standard PROFORM P/N 66832 of 700lbs. For more precision, the spring cup includes two aluminum inserts that help square up the valve stem within the cup. This is a must have at the shop.

• Reinforced Compression-Hold Handle
• Extra Reinforced Gussets
• Dual Locking Pins
• Aluminum Spring Cup Guides
• Made from High-Quality Steel
• For High-Pressure Valve Springs with the Cylinder Heads Removed
• 1000lbs Pressure Capacity
• Designed with The Expert Engine Builders & Cylinder Head Professional in Mind

For more infor visit ProformParts.com.

New Bottle Clamps from Meziere Enterprises

Escondido, California – Meziere Enterprises is proud to introduce a line of bottle clamps for use across a wide variety of racing applications; a full line of billet aluminum clamps designed so beautifully and efficiently they will satisfy the most demanding customers. Meziere offers clamps for bottles ranging from 2” to 5.25” in diameter. If you require a simple and clean way to affix the clamp to a bar Meziere offers bar clamp accessory packages for a variety of bar diameters as well. Retail price for clamps range from $42.63 to $58.25.

Meziere Enterprises designs, develops and manufactures performance parts for all forms of motorsports and the serious hobbyist, including components for performance vehicles, and original equipment manufacturers. For more information visit www.meziere.com.

JEGS Inspection Camera with 4.3” Color LCD Monitor
The JEGS Inspection Camera is great for checking for bent valves, burned up pistons and much more. Use of the 4 white LEDS will allow you to inspect deep inside a cylinder bore or intake runner. The color LCD monitor can be rotated for easy visibility. The lightweight, handheld design of this camera allows for easy visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas.

•4.3" Color LCD Monitor
•9mm Diameter Camera
•(4) White LEDs w/ (5) Output Levels
•35" L x 0.35" Dia. Flexible Neck
•Image Rotation
•On Screen Battery Indicator
•Mirror, Hook and Magnet attachments included
•Pocket Size 6" x 3.5"
•Nylon Storage Pouch

Please visit for further information: www.jegs.com/i/JEGS-Performance-Products/555/W50072R/10002/-1.

New Helmets from Stroud Safety
These new helmets from Stroud Safety have been designed for the competitor who demands value and quality at an affordable price. Aerodynamic features ensure performance stability and an extremely plush interior provides the comfort needed to maintain your competitive focus. Stroud Helmets are Snell SA2015 rated and are available in black or white.

Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Engine Diapers, Safety Apparel, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for over 28 years! Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products and specializes in custom design applications for many of their products. Also, see our helpful instructional videos on our YouTube Channel.

Call 800-554-4648 for more information and free catalog, visit the website at www.stroudsafety.com and follow on Facebook.

New S&W Quick Release Window Net Latch Kit
Spring City, PA S&W Race Cars has introduced their New Quick Release Window Net Latch Kit. It’s a modern solution to a long standing safety equipment need.

“We have been producing and installing the older style push-button seatbelt style window net latch for 30+ years,” said S&W’s President, Michael Weney. “During a recent high-profile car build, we discussed the need for a new latching mechanism. Fortunately, the solution was literally in our hands and we ran with it.”

Drivers and safety personnel will benefit from the unobtrusive low profile mount, as well as the smooth, quick and easy operation. The release mechanism is proven, having been field tested on other well known safety equipment devices. S&W has successfully adapted it to be an integral part of their new driver/cockpit safety product.

The all inclusive kit includes: .375” diam. x 30” long Steel Top Rod with Quick Release mechanism, 6” red nylon pull tether, .375” diam. x 30” long Steel Lower Rod, Mounting Tabs and Hardware. NHRA Approved. Note: Welding is required. Standard and custom size window nets are sold separately.

S&W’s fabricators made a portable fully functional display that is located in S&W’s showroom M-F 8am-6pm E.S.T., and at S&W’s 2017 weekend track side displays. In addition, you can view the live demo on S&W’s YouTube Channel.

P/N 75-387 Quick Release Window Net Latch Kit – Introductory Price $69.95

For additional information, call toll free 1-800-532-3353 or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

New Gloves from Stroud Safety

New from Stroud Safety are these premium "Stripes" & "Bones" driving gloves. These sharp looking gloves feature eye-catching design and durable construction with padding where you need it. SFI 3.3/1 rated. Both styles available in red, blue, and black and all popular sizes. Check out www.stroudsafety.com.

MAHLE Motorsports Announces New 2017 Application Guide
Fletcher, NC – MAHLE has incorporated numerous new applications to this year’s application guide including pistons for the 427 and 396 COPO Camaro, SBC 23º 350-383 Domed PowerPak Plus, SBC 23º 400-427 Domed PowerPak Plus, GM 5.3 L LT1, L83 PowerPak, and FA20 Sub BRZ, Scion FSR, Toy 86 PowerPak.

To download the pdf click HERE.

JEGS Introduces Winches
JEGS now stocks winches with 3 size options. JEGS utility winch has a pull rating of 3,000 lbs. with 1.2 HP motor, 32’ Cable & 153:1 gear ratio or you can go heavy-duty with two other models with pull ratings of 8,000 & 9,500 lbs. both have a 5.5 HP motor, 92’ cable & 218:1 gear ratio. A machined gear handles tough conditions and low gear reduction ratios prolong solenoid and motor life. All winches come with wiring and mounting hardware.

For further information please visit:
www.jegs.com/i/JEGS-Performance-Products/555/92600/10002/-1 or
www.jegs.com/i/JEGS-Performance-Products/555/92605/10002/-1 or
S&W Releases 2017 Top Fuel Nostalgia Front Engine Dragster Chassis Kit

Spring City, PA (March 1, 2017) – New from S&W Race Cars is their 2017 Top Fuel Nostalgia F.E.D. Chassis Kit. Now available, the features include:

- SFI chassis specification 2.2
- 225" wheel base,
- Chrome Moly tubing that is cut to length, bent and notched.
- 28" Front Track Width
- 23" Shoulder Hoop (inside)
- 6-Point Roll Cage
- 1/4" 6061 Aluminum Full Mid Plate (Chrome Moly avail.)
- Front Motor Mount Blanks
- Rear Housing Anti-Rotation Device
- Separate Upper & Lower Front Frame Rail Style
- Starting at $2,395.95

The chassis kit can be ordered with optional rear housing, of choice:
~with Fuel Floater Rear Housing - Price $5,495.95
~with 9” Ford or FAB Rear Housing - Price TBD

As with all S&W’s USA Made Race Cars, the 2017 Top Fuel Nostalgia F.E.D. can be purchased as a roller or complete ‘turn-key’ certified race car.

For additional information, please call Toll Free 1-800-532-3353 and/or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

New Drag Boots from Stroud Safety

A new product announcement from Stroud Safety:

"Check out the new Drag Boots from Stroud Safety. These boots feature a neoprene rubber sole for durability and a positive, confident feel. You no longer have to wear shoes inside as with many competitors’ soft sole boots. These are the most comfortable boots on the market.

Sizes are the same as regular shoes, in full sizes only. These quality boots are available in black. Custom embroidery options are available at an extra charge.

See the full article here...

Max-Fire Spark Plug Wires from Edelbrock
Edelbrock has introduced Max-Fire® Ultra-Spark® performance spark plug wires for V8 engines.

Max-Fire Ultra-Spark performance spark plug wires are manufactured in the USA from highest quality materials to help deliver maximum voltage - ensuring the ultimate performance for engine output. These wires have an extremely high EMI/RFI suppression along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible. They feature a heavy duty 8.5mm diameter silicone jacket to protect the Kevlar spiral wound core from heat, moisture and chemicals.

Max-Fire offers two levels of spark plug wires; Ultra-Spark 500 and Ultra-Spark 50. Ultra-Spark 500 is a great choice for replacing OEM wires and are value priced. They feature high quality leads that deliver 500 ohms of EMI/RFI noise suppression with low resistance. They are ideal for daily drivers and for budget builds, offering the best combination of value and performance.

Ultra-Spark 50 spark plug wires are engineered for high performance engines that need all of the voltage they can get for maximum power output. They are made with wire leads that deliver a low 50 ohms of resistance per-foot for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression. This makes them ideal for engines with aftermarket high performance upgrades that require maximum voltage. Visit the Edelbrock website here for application chart.

Each kit includes 8 spark plug wires (varying lengths), points style terminals, HEI plug style terminals, straight distributor boots, 90° distributor boots, distributor to coil wire, dielectric grease and installation instructions. Will require the use of a wire crimping tool to complete the installation.

For more information visit www.edelbrock.com/automotive/mc/ignition/.

New GM LS Water Pump from Meziere Enterprises
Meziere Enterprises introduces its newest cooling solution for the GM LS engine. This new design pump is the benchmark solution for LS-based, extreme duty engine cooling.

Meziere's simplified 55 GPM pump is great for high compression, high horsepower applications where power adders are employed. The WP333 pump is the highest flowing electric pump available, offered in clear or black anodized finish. As with all Meziere pumps, it comes with an industry-leading two year warranty.

For more information, call 800-208-1755 or visit www.meziere.com.

GIBBS™ Brand Lubricant Now Available from Mark Williams Enterprises
Mark Williams Enterprises has long been searching for a product that provides better corrosion resistance than commonly used WD-40® oil. M/W has always been skeptical of products with miracles through chemistry. However, GIBBS© brand lubricant is the exception, and lives up to its claims. This product is the best bet for keeping unpainted dragster chassis tubing from rusting. The recent trend towards unpainted tubular chassis makes this product a must-use item. It also keeps driveline parts corrosion free without plating options that can have hydrogen embitterment crack development issues. Mark Williams is now a dealer for GIBBS™ Brand USA.
  • Single Can P/N 55-0070
  • Pack of 4 cans P/N 55-0070-4
  • Case of 12 cans P/N 55-0070-12

For more information visit www.markwilliams.com.

Please note: GIBBS™ Brand USA products have no affiliation with Joe Gibbs Racing or Joe Gibbs Racing oils.

New Ball Bearing Pinion Support from Mark Williams Enterprises
M-W introduces a new series of DUAL Angular Contact Ball / Ball Bearing Pinion Support Assemblies for 9” Ford Thirdmembers. The new dual angular contact bearings reduce friction and increase RPM capacity. All assemblies are factory pre-load set to simplify the installation. These M-W exclusive bearings make pre-load adjustments easy for field service by allowing the removal of the front race. Upgrade options include ceramic ball conversion and Nano-Grey™ (tungsten disulfide) surface treatment processing for additional friction reduction.
Models are available to fit 9” and 9-1/2” ring gears for 28 tooth pinion splines. Models for 35 tooth pinion splines will be available soon. – Stay tuned!

47670 Pinion Support, Assembly Ball/Ball 28 Spline Pinion.......................... $460.00
47680 Pinion Support, Assembly Ball/Ball 35 Spline Pinion....,......................$460.00 (COMING SOON!)

New Adjustable Size Slip-Tube Wheelie Bar Introduced By S&W
Spring City, PA – The addition of S&W’s new High Performance Adjustable Slip-Tube Wheelie Bar has increased S&W’s wheelie bar offering to 33 unique models. The HiPo wheelie bar is purpose built for powerful and demanding drag race cars. The slip-tube construction bar features a floating "X-Member" on the lower struts. It is offered as an unwelded kit or as a welded unit. Maximum length is 80” and Maximum width is 28.” Both length and width can be narrowed to suit the racers needs. Upper & Lower struts are made of 1-1/4” x .065 Chrome Moly. Kits include: Housing Brackets to fit 3” axle tubes (Brackets for rear with back brace available,) Chrome Moly Rod Ends, Hardware and S&W’s red wheels with bearing. Optional PRP Billet Wheels, Wheelez or Wheelez Lite wheels can be substituted for an additional charge.

“S&W has been producing slip-tube type wheelie bars for 15+ years,” said S&W’s Marketing Director, Jill Fazekas. “Until now, they were a custom product produced only by special request. In recent years, we saw a rapid increase in custom slip-tube sales, which prompted us to design our new HiPo Wheelie Bar.”

P/N 40-347U Unwelded Kit – Starting at $750.00
- Upper & Lower Struts are partially welded.
- Customer must trim, fit & weld crossmember and diagonals

P/N 40-347 Welded Kit – Starting at $1,100.00
- Upper & Lower Struts, Crossmembers and Diagonals are Welded.

For additional information, call 800-532-3353 or visit S&W at www.swracecars.com.

GM LS Series Valve Cover Gaskets from Moroso
Moroso Performance Products has introduced these valve cover gaskets for GM LS series engines. Verified by Moroso to work with their own GM LS Series valve covers and O.E.M. valve covers.

• Manufactured out of heavy duty molded rubber
• Quality design and manufacturing meets or exceeds O.E.M. quality
• Two per package
Part# 93025 / Valve Cover Gasket, GM LS Series

Visit www.moroso.com.

Meziere Introduces New SafeCap Radiator Caps
Escondido, California – Our friends at Meziere Enterprises have introduced a product that is not only stylish and highly functional, but also advances the safety of motorsports. The all-new SafeCap has been designed to address one issue that has plagued racers for decades. Standard caps often suffer damage that can result in the cap coming off at the most inopportune times. This new cap features a set of ramp rollers for smooth and secure fitment. The billet cap offers excellent integrity, fit and finish. The locking shell and clip ensure a failsafe, secure radiator cap that will easily withstand the rigors of motorsports. They come in three finishes: black anodized, clear anodized and electroless nickel plated. Patent pending.
  • WCC300 SafeCap Clear anodize finish
  • WCC301 SafeCap Black anodize finish
  • WCC302 Safecap Electroless nickel finish
  • Retail Price $106.32

For more information, visit Meziere Enterprises at www.Meziere.com


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