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Stuff Yourself With Turkey on Thanksgiving, Get Stuffed With Green Thanksgiving Weekend
While many of the tracks covered by The Dragtime News.com are winding down for the winter, those in North Carolina are gearing up for big money races on Thanksgiving weekend.

Dunn-Benson Dragstrip hosts their Thanksgiving Blowout on Friday, 11/27 and Saturday, 11/28. Pro class pays $3,500 Win, $800 Runner-Up, $200 Semis, and $50 Quarters. Entry fee is $125 for both days, or $75 for either single day. 1st and 2nd Round buybacks are $50. Street class pays $1,200 Win, $400 Runner-Up, $100 Semis, and $25 Quarters. Entry fee is $75 for both days, or $40 for either single day. 1st and 2nd Round buybacks are $35. Gates open Friday and Saturday at 9:00 am, with time trials at 11:00 am. Parking is available Thanksgiving Thursday from 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Visit them at dunnbensondragstrip.com for more info.

Farmington Dragway presents their 16th Annual Thanksgiving Moneyfest from Thanksgiving Thursday 11/26 – Sunday, 11/29. Thursday’s race pays $2,500 Win, $600 Runner-Up, $200 Semis, and $20 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Entry fee is $60, and buybacks are $40. Friday’s and Sunday’s races each pay $5,000 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $500 Semis, and $30 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Entry fee for either Friday or Sunday is $125, or enter Friday-Sunday for $300. Buybacks are $50. Saturday is the big $10,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis, and $50 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Entry fee for Saturday only is $175, or enter Friday-Sunday for $300. Buybacks are $100. Payouts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are based on 140 car minimum. Throttle stops OK; no mid-range stutter boxes. Gates open all days at 8:00 am, with time trials at 10:00 am. For more information, visit them on the web at farmingtondragway.net.

Piedmont Dragway keeps the party going with their 7th Annual $20,000 Footbrake Nationals on Friday 11/27 – Sunday 11/29. Friday’s warm-up race pays $2,000 Win, $500 Runner-Up, $200 Semis, and $25 Round starting with 3rd Round win. Entry is $50, and 1st or 2nd Round buybacks are $25. Sunday’s race pays $3,000 Win, $800 Runner-Up, $100 Quarters, and $50 for 9th-16th spots. Entry is $50, and 1st or 2nd Round buybacks are $40. Saturday is the big race: $20,000 Win, $5,000 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis, $100 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Entry is $200, and 1st or 2nd Round buybacks are $100. Gates open 9:00 am each day. No dragsters. Left-handed steer roadsters are OK. Footbrake only. Visit piedmontdragway.com if you need additional info.

A quick check of the area weather forecasts on the Track Info & Weekend Schedules page shows a great weekend on tap both for travel and racing: sunny with highs in the 60s and 50s. If you’re racing at any of these events, good luck and travel safe.


Maple Grove Gift Certificates Available For Christmas

Maple Grove Raceway, Mohnton, Pa. - With Christmas rapidly approaching, those looking to get the perfect gift for the drag racing fan or racer don't have to go far. Maple Grove Raceway is offering gift certificates in $25 denominations. These certificates can be used toward the purchase of tickets for any Maple Grove event; they can also be applied toward race entry fees or track souvenirs.

To purchase certificates, visit the Maple Grove Raceway offices at 30 Stauffer Park Lane (across the street from the track), or call (610) 856-9200 during regular business hours.


Colabatistta Takes NENDRA Season Championship; Seifert Runners-Up
The North East Nostalgia Drag Racing Association's 2009 season is officially in the books, and John Colabatistta of Danbury, CT held on for a 1st Place finish, followed by Steve Seifert.

Colabatistta and Seifert were in a tight battle since mid-season. Colabatistta racked up 4 wins and 2 runner-up appearances, while Seifert took home 1 win and 3 runner-ups. Rounding out the top 5 are Jeff Kraenzle, who with his 2 wins ends up tied for 3rd with Wayne Farquhar. NENDRA co-founder Chris Baum finished the year in 5th.




Upgrades Underway at US131 Motorsports Park
US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, Mich. US 131's racing surface is undergoing a facelift during the offseason in advance of 2010. Specialized equipment has begun milling out 16 feet sections in each lane of the racing surface in preparation of an additional 500 feet of concrete to be poured, replacing the current asphalt.

By starting on this project now, the concrete will have time to cure and set over the winter months. In March the racing surface will then be ground to ensure a return to a smooth and flat racing surface. Known as “The Fastest Track in Michigan,” US 131 Motorsports Park has every intention of keeping this declaration.

This enhancement will give the surface a total of 1,000 feet of concrete with the remainder of the 1,320 feet surface remaining as asphalt. “This plan is one of being proactive not reactive,” stated US 131 Motorsports Park General Mgr. Jason Peterson. “Due to normal wear on a track, in time rough areas develop along with possible water seeping and other issues. Because of the amount of use this track receives through weekly events and private testing from both IHRA and NHRA professional teams, we are taking this step in advance rather than waiting,” continued Peterson.


Sclafani Wins Annual Nostalgia S/S Spectacular at Atco Raceway
The East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association's annual S/S Spectacular was held at Atco Raceway on Sunday, November 8th, and Angelo Sclafani (pictured left) drove his 1967 Belvedere to a final-round win.

In the semis, Eric Mazonni drove Nick Berti's 1964 Galaxie to a win over Tom Doughty's 1964 "Frustration" Plymouth; Sclafani had the bye run. In the final it was Sclafani's 10.297 on a 10.26 dial taking the win over Mazzoni's 11.903 on an 11.91.

(photo supplied by A. Sclafani)



Montgomery Motorsports' Budweiser Burnout Saturday, November 14th

Montgomery Motorsports Park (Montgomery, AL) and Budweiser Racing present the Budweiser Burnout on Saturday, November 14th. This all-day class and grudge racing event includes five classes of index racing: 4.70, 5.30, 6.00, 7.00, and 8.00.

4.70 Index (16-car field) pays $2,000 Win, $500 Runner-Up, and $250 Semis. Entry fee is $85.00. 5.30 Index (16-car field) pays $1,500 Win, $400 Runner-Up, and 200 Semis. Entry fee is $75.00. 6.00 Index and 7.00 Index (16-car fields each) each pay $1,200 Win, $300 Runner Up, and $150 Semis. Entry fee is $60.00. 8.00 Index (20-car field; footbrake only) pays $600 Win, $200 Runner-Up, and $100 Semis. Entry is $50.

Gates open at 10:00 am, with test & tune at 11:00 am, time trials at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, and 1st Round at 5:00 pm. For more information, visit www.mmpdragracing.com.


Rescheduled Mopar Eastern Classic at MIR Saturday, 11/14

Maryland Int'l Raceway holds their 17th Annual Mopar Eastern Classic on Saturday October 31st SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th. This drag racing and show event is open to all Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, AMC and Jeep/Eagle vehicles.

Bracket classes include Top ET ($500 Win, $200 Runner-Up, $75 Semis, $40 Quarters, entry fee $40, 0.00 - 12.99, electronics permitted); Mod ET ($500 Win, $200 Runner-Up, $75 Semis, $40 Quarters, entry fee $40, 9.00 - slower, no electronics, footbrake only); and Street ET ($200 Win, $100 Runner-Up, $50 Semis, entry fee $30, 9.00 - slower). There'll also be a wheelstand contest and a special appearance by Bunny Burkett and The Boys. Gates open at 9:00 am, with time trials at 10:00 am and first round at 3:00 pm. For more info, visit www.mirdrag.com.


Dragtime News On Location: Dover Dragstrip Nostalgia Drags at Island Dragway

Island Dragway, Great Meadows, N.J. – After months of planning and its original date being postponed due to rain, the 1st Annual Dover Dragstrip Nostalgia Drags came to historic Island Dragway on Saturday November 7th. Nearly 200 entrants made the call for 1st Round, and by all accounts the event was a major success.

With four classes of trophy eliminators, there was a class for everyone. Many old friends were reunited, and many old cars were brought out of retirement for the first time in 30 years. Despite some mechanical mishaps on the track by some of the vehicles, the event was run smoothly, and the track management and staff did a great job making these long-lost racers feel welcome.


Goin' Coastal: 1/8th Mile Fall Footbrake Frenzy at Coastal Plains Dragway

Coastal Plains Dragway (Jacksonville, NC) presents their 1/8th Mile Fall Footbrake Frenzy on Friday-Sunday, November 6th - 8th.

The weekend kicks off with a $2,000 Gambler's race on Friday night. Gates open at 8:00 am, time trials begin at 1:00 pm, and racing begins at 6:00 pm. Entry fee $25.00.

The big races happen on Saturday and Sunday. Each day pays $10,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $750 Semis, $250 Quarters, and $50 Round beginning 3rd Round Win. Payouts are based on 150 entries. Entry fee for either day is $150, or enter Saturday and Sunday together for $250. 1st Round buy backs are $75. Gates open Saturday at 8:00 am, with time shots at 9:00 am. Gates open Sunday at 10:00 am, with time shots for new entries only at 12:00 noon.

The rules: no transbrakes, no electronics (delay boxes, timers, etc), no buttons on steering wheel, no dragsters, left-hand steer roadsters are OK, electric/air shifters are OK, double-entries permitted, deep-staging will be honored. For more information, visit www.coastalplainsraceway.com.


Nichols Wins 2009 MASGA Championship; Richardson Takes 2nd In Rookie Season
Earl Nichols Jr. of Wilmington, DE was crowned the Mid-Atlantic Super Gas Association’s 2009 Champion after the final 2 races at Cecil County Dragway were rained out. Nichols (pictured left, top) parlayed 2 wins, one at Atco and the other at Cecil County along with a runner-up at Numidia Dragway into the Championship. “The Cremator” ended his outstanding season with 395 points, 43 ahead of 2nd place MASGA series rookie Delaney Richardson (pictured left, bottom). Richardson claimed victory at the season opener at Maple Grove Raceway and stayed consistent throughout the year to claim the runner-up spot in his first campaign. The rest of the top 5 consists of Iggie Boicesco in 3rd, Lance Kreiger in 4th and George Smith in 5th.

Earl thanks his wife Kathy and daughters Patrice, Victoria and Marlee for their support in the 2009 season along with his sponsors Royal Pet Cremation, Classic Auto Body and Goldman Autorace Specialties. Nichols also thanks his crew consisting of Crew Chief Ron Orbin, chassis builder and tuner Tom Goldman, cheerleader and photographer Kathy Purcell and the powers from beyond of his late brother Barry.

The Mid-Atlantic Super Gas Association will celebrate its fourth season in 2010, and their schedule will be announced in the near future. For information about MASGA membership or sponsorship opportunities for the 2010 season, visit them on the web at www.midatlanticsupergas.com or e-mail Leanne Luciano at leanneluciano@hotmail.com or Rob Keister at ReKeister@aol.com.


Dover Dragstrip Nostalgia Race at Island Dragway Saturday November 7th
Dover Drag Strip in Wingdale, NY closed 33 years ago, but the memories will live on at Island Dragway (Great Meadows, NJ). The first Dover Drag Strip event since their closing is scheduled for Saturday, November 7th. Over 30 authentic Dover cars and drivers are will be in attendance.

Former announcer Dino will be announcing again; events include a trophy race with four eliminator brackets for door-cars, and one for open-wheel dragsters and altereds. Other events planned include a non-racer Nostalgia Show Display area featuring the “Blown Hearse” restoration project. Street rods and vintage racers all welcome to show or race. For event info and discussion, visit the forum on their website at doverdragstrip.com.


Cross The Bridge This Weekend: $100,000 Footbrake Shootout at Natural Bridge Dragstrip
Natural Bridge Dragstrip (Mechanicsville, VA) presents their 1st Annual $100,000 Footbrake Shootout on Saturday, November 7th. The track is billing the event as “the biggest footbrake racer ever limited to the first 200 entries.” Just FYI, the $100,000 refers to the total purse. The pay structure is $60,000 Win, $10,000 Runner-Up, $4,000 Semis, $1,500 Quarters, $1,000 Eighths, and $500 Sixteenths, all based on a full field of 200 entries. Entry is $500, and a $100 buyback is available for 1st and 2nd Round losers.

Double-entries are permitted, deep staging will be allowed. Left-hand steer roadsters are permitted, as are electronic shifters. No delay boxes allowed in vehicle; no working trans-brakes or buttons on steering wheels. Natural Bridge is an 1/8th Mile IHRA-sanctioned track.

The schedule: Thursday, November 5th from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm will be parking for local racers with reserved spots. Friday, November 6th is parking from 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Saturday gates open at 9:00 am, with time runs at 10:00 am and eliminations beginning after 2nd time run. Visit www.naturalbridgedragstrip.com for more information.


4th Annual Footbrake Classic October 23rd-25th at Montgomery Motorsports Park
Jim Howard and Montgomery Motorsports Park (Montgomery, AL) continue their policy of “Respect The Footbrake” with the 4th Annual Footbrake Classic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd – 25th. This is one of the biggest footbrake races around, with three $5Ks (one each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and a $20K on Saturday. That’s more than $50,000 over three days.

The $5,000 races pay $5,000 Win, $750 Runner-Up, $250 Semis, $150 Quarters, and $100 Eighths. The $20,000 race pays $20,000 Winner, $3,000 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis, $400 Quarters, and $300 Eighths. The entry fee for any single $5K is $100, or enter all three for $200. Race in the $20K by itself for $250 or race in all four races (the three $5Ks and the $20K) for $400. That’s your best deal right there; it’s a no-brainer. Buybacks for the $5Ks will be $50 1st or 2nd Round. Buybacks in the $20K will be $200 1st or 2nd Round. Note: all races and purses will be based on 100 car minimum.

This 1/4 Mile gambler’s race is open to front-engine door cars only. No buttons on steering wheel, no delay boxes. Gates open Thursday October 22nd for parking only from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Gates open Friday and Saturday at 8:00 am, with time trials at 9:00 am. Gates open Sunday at 9:00 am. For more information, visit www.mmpdragracing.com.


Down With The Equine Flu: Ford Fever Classic at Maryland International October 23rd – 25th
Calling all Ovals of the Blue variety: this is your weekend at Maryland International Raceway at the Ford Fever Classic. See wild Nostalgia Racing with the machines of 422 Motorsports featuring A/FXs, Thunderbolts, Light Weight Galaxies, Falcons, Fairlanes and Comets. As an added treat, watch as Dick Estevez attempts to reset his current ET record in the “Daddy Warbucks” 1965 Ford Falcon.

The racing action includes eight Shootout classes from Stock to Outlaw 10.5. For the Sportsman Racers, each day has its own separate eliminations and purse – so be sure not to miss out on a weekend full of opportunity no matter what kind of Ford you drive. Classes include ATI Performance Products Top ET, Three Mules Welding Mod ET, Spydershaft Street ET, Woodbine Motorsports Truck Class, JDM Engineering Modular Class, Speed Unlimited Street Performer, Computech Systems Mild Street, UPR Products Wild Street, Mickey Thompson Tires Drag Radial, JPC Racing Outlaw Class, and Downs Ford Racing Outlaw 10.5. When you’re not on the track, stop by the Ford Flea Market / Swap Meet. There will also be plenty of commercial vendors featuring Ford merchandise and parts.

Be first on race day by arriving Friday to get parked and teched for the weekend; gates open Friday at 5:00 pm. Gates open Saturday at 9:00 am, with time shots at 10:30 am. Gates open Sunday at 9:00 am, with time shots at 10:00 am. For complete class rules and entry fees, visit www.mirdrag.com/ford/.


Goat To Englishtown October 25th
Sunday October 25th is the 29th Annual Pontiac Show & Go at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (Englishtown, NJ), featuring 1/4 Mile drag racing and car show for all Pontiac vehicles.

Bracket racing classes include 7.50–10.99, 11.00-12.99, 13.00-13.99, and 14.00-slower. Awards include trophies for 1st Round winners, Eliminator Winner and Runner-Up. Race entry is $30, show entry is $20, and Race & Show is $40. Gates open at 8:00 am, with time shots at 9:00 am and eliminations at 2:00 pm.

For more information, call 732-446-7800, or visit Raceway Park on the web at www.racewaypark.com.


New Links Added To The "Drag Links" Page

If you haven't visited the Drag Links page lately, take a moment to do so (you'll find the navigation button on the left-hand side of this page, underneath the pushbuttons). Two new additions are Liftec Forklifts, sponsor of the Pro ET class at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, and Studio 413, the design and photography studio of frequent Maple Grove Raceway photographer Don Carrick.


Small Motor Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park

Virginia Motorsports Park's Small Motor Nationals, which were originally scheduled for September 19th - 20th has been moved to October 17th - 18th and will be run in conjunction with Judgement Day - Final Countdown, the FAST Fall Nationals and VMP's ET Point Series.

For information about the rules and classes of the Outlaw Small Block Association, visit www.osbadrag.com.


Great Pumpkins at Skyview's Halloween Fall Shootout
Skyview Dragway's (Tioga Center, NY) Halloween Fall Shootout is scheduled for Saturday, October 17th, with bracket racing for Super Pro, Pro, Street, Bike/Sled, and Jr. Dragster.

Super Pro pays $1,200 Win, $500 Runner-Up, $200 Semis, and $40 Round after 2nd Round win. Pro pays $1,000 Win, $400 Runner-Up, $150 Semis, and $30 Round after 2nd Round win. Street and Bike/Sled each pay $300 Win, $150 Runner-Up. Jr. Dragster pays $100 Win, $50 Runner-Up.

For more information, call Skyview Drags at (607) 687-9392 or visit their website at www.skyviewdrags.com.


Horse Power At New England Dragway
The 15th Annual Tasca Performance Center Mustang Showdown will return to New England Dragway on Saturday, October 17th. This racing and Show & Shine event is open to all Fords or Ford-powered vehicles. Mustang racing classes include Stock (runs on a heads-up .400 Pro Tree) and Street Shootout. These classes are for street legal cars that have factory dashboard and full interior (back seat is optional with roll bar). The rear seat area must be carpeted. Cars must have stock style suspension. Bolt on or heavy-duty parts are allowed. Vehicle weights will be checked during eliminations. Other classes include Shelby GT500 Terminator Shootout, and various Ford bracket racing classes.

Racer entry is $33. Gates open at 8:00 am, with time trials at 9:00 am. For more information, visit www.newenglanddragway.com.


Philadelphia Modifiers Nostalgia Drags at Atco
The Philadelphia Modifiers Street Rod Club will hold its Fall 2009 Yesteryear Drags and Car Show at Atco Raceway Sunday October 18th for 1975 and older domestic-powered vehicles. Race classes are Super Pro (7.00-11.99, legal electronics are permitted), Pro ET (9.00-15.99, no electronics permitted in car; footbrake only), Street ET (11.50-19.99, no electronics permitted in car; footbrake only), Street Rod (must be street-legal and tagged; no electronics). Racer entry is $35. Gates open at 8:00 am, with time trials at 10:00 am.

The Philadelphia Modifiers was established in the spring of 1955. To learn more about the Modifiers, visit philadelphiamodifiers.com.


3rd Annual Last Chance Footbrake Race This Weekend At Cecil County
The 3rd Annual Last Chance Footbrake Race is scheduled for October 10th & 11th, 2009 at Cecil County Dragway (Rising Sun, MD).

Saturday's race is $10,000 Win, $4,000 Runner-Up, $1,000 Semis, and $100 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. Sunday's race is $5,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $750 Semis, and $50 Round starting with 3rd Round Win. For more details about the race, including an updated list of sponsors and prizes, visit the official website at lastchancefb.bravehost.com/index738.html.

HOTEL INFO: The Best Western North East Inn (39 Elwoods Road, North East, MD; 410-287-5450) is the official hotel of The Last Chance Footbrake Race and is offering racers a discount. When you call to book your stay, let them know that you'll be there for The Last Chance Footbrake Race, and your rate will be $75.99 (+ tax) per night. The hotel is less than 10-minutes from the track, and is the newest hotel in the area.


Numidia Dragway Goes Green October 3rd & 4th With Big Money Races
Saturday, October 3rd Numidia Dragway (Numidia, PA) presents two money races, a $5,000 for Super Pro/Electronics (ET break 6.00 - 14.99) and a $2,500 for Pro ET/Footbrake (ET break 9.00 - 19.99). Gates open at 12:00 noon, time shots run from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, with eliminations to follow. Then on Sunday October 4th they'll have two $5,000 races, one for Super Pro/Electronics and one for Pro ET/Footbrake. Gates open at 9:00 am, time shots run until noon, with eliminations to follow.

The $5,000 races pay $5,000 Win, $1,200 Runner-Up, $225 for 6th Round, $165 for 5th Round, $120 for 4th Round, and $75 for 3rd Round. The entry for each race is $150, with a $50 buyback available.

The $2,500 race pays $2,500 Win, $1,000 Runner-Up, $190 for 6th Round, $150 for 5th Round, $100 for 4th Round, and $60 for 3rd Round. The entry is $100, with a $50 buyback available.

For any additional information, contact Numidia Dragway at 570-799-5090 or visit them on the web at www.numidiadragway.com.


2009 Patriots Division Finale September 18th - 20th at New England Dragway
With the return of the Summit Racing Equipment Tour presented by Mr. Gasket to New England Dragway (Epping, NH) on September 18th - 20th, it brings with it the value of another weekend of racing back-to-back with the National Event from the same tow.

Joe Lombardo, General Manager of New England Dragway is excited to see the Pro-Am Tour return to the strip. “With an opportunity to get within striking distance of earning a slot in the Tournament of Champions, this year's .Pro .Am event promises to ratchet up the competition level. The format of holding two races in one weekend is a major benefit, especially for those who are racing on a tight budget,” Lombardo said. “Because this event follows our Amalie Oil North American Nationals presented by the New England Dodge Dealers, we're certain some of the best racers in the Northeast will take another crack at a coveted world championship berth in Rockingham. There's little doubt in my mind the event will be a success on all levels. All of us at New England Dragway are anxious to experience the excitement that is the hallmark of IHRA sportsman racing.”

Defending Division Champions are Don Rudd (Montpelier, VA; Top Sportsman), Brad Slaughter (Warren, OH; Top Dragster), Jeff Tripp (Jackson, NJ; Super Stock), Britt Mizia (Carnagie, PA; Stock), Ed McCleaft (Portville, NY; Quick Rod), Bill Nuzzo (Irwin, PA; Super Rod), and Glenn Ferguson (Greensboro, NC; Hot Rod).

For more information, call (603) 679-8001 or visit their website at www.newenglanddragway.com.


Farmington Dragway Goes Old School

Farmington Dragway presents their All American Nostalgia Drags on Saturday, August 29th. The event includes nostalgia drag racing, a car and truck show, time runs, and nostalgia gambler's races for Top, Footbrake and Street. Gates open at 8:00 am, time trials at 11:30 am and 1st Round goes off at 1:00 pm. Race entry is $20 and 75% payback. Spectator admission is $15.00 and kids under 12 are free. Vendors are $25.00 and car show is $5.00. For more information, call The Farm at (336) 399-6122, or visit them on the web at farmingtondragway.net.


Chuck Ulsch First Extreme 10.5 Car Into Mickey Thompson Three-Second Club
Racing on the new Mickey Thompson Pro-5 double bead lock wheels and #3169W tires, Chuck Ulsch posted a record-breaking 3.98-second elapsed time in the eighth mile at the ARDL competition on Sunday, August 9th at Gateway International Raceway and became the first racer to earn a place in the Mickey Thompson Three-Second Club for 2009. Driving Gil Mobley’s 1968 Camaro, Ulsch achieved a 197.88 mile-per-hour top speed, setting a new National Guard ADRL speed record. According to the ADRL, National Guard ADRL President/CEO Kenny Nowling called Ulsch’s effort one of the most incredible passes he had ever seen.

“Chuck Ulsch’s performance was nothing less than phenomenal,” stated Carl Robinson, Motorsports Manager, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. “To have a car achieve that three-second speed range in the hot, humid conditions we had in St. Louis is a testimony to the determination and confidence of Chuck Ulsch, the Gil Mobley racing team, and the capabilities of the 3169W Mickey Thompson 10.5-inch tires and Pro-5 Wheels.”

The Mickey Thompson ADRL Extreme 10.5 Three-Second Club combines several prizes into one awards program. A number of prizes are awarded including $3,000 in cash to the first five race teams able to achieve less than four-second runs in the Extreme 10.5 Class.


MASGA Results: Smith and Barbato Beat The Heat at Atco

George Smith of Centereach, NY earned his first Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association trophy of the 2009 Season with his win at race #9 Saturday, August 15th at Atco Raceway. Smith and his “Live Wire” ‘68 Camaro took out Don Miller, Shawn Harp, and a red-lighting Mark Parente to match up in the 4th round against 2000 World Champ Dan Northrop. The winner of that round would receive a bye run into the finals. Smith was on his game as he took a .008 to .025 starting line advantage and forced Northrop to run under with a losing 9.895 to Smith’s winning 9.915.

On the other side of the ladder was 2 time MASGA Champion Iggie Boicesco and his 2002 Corvette. Boicesco was looking for his first win of the 2009 season and started his march to the finals by taking out a red-lighting Ed Alessi in the 1st round, Kelli Barbato in the 2nd and Derek Clark in the 3rd to match up with Pat Iannone in the semi’s after receiving a bye-run in the 4th round. At the tree Boicesco cut a stellar .004 light to Iannone’s .034 and used that advantage to stamp his ticket to the final with a 9.927 to 9.859 victory.

Now we're in the final: Smith vs. Boicesco. As the tree went green both drivers were glued with Smith getting s small advantage .027 to .029 and taking it to victory as Boicesco ran too fast with a 9.888 to Smith’s winning 9.908.

As the Sunday sun rose on Race # 10 it was 2008 Dutch Classic Winner Jake Barbato and his 1998 Chevy Camaro taking the victory. Barbato out of West Chester, Pa added to the list of “first time” winners this season with his win. Barbato would take out 2nd place points man Delaney Richardson in the 1st round, a red-lighting Tom Nicholson in the 2nd, Pat Iannone in the 3rd and would match up against Don Miller in the semi-finals. Both drivers would have perfect 9.900 but Miller left it on the starting line with a .004 red light.

On the other side was Joe Eckel and his Chevy Camaro. Eckel took out James Alston’s Vega 1st Round, Derek Clark 2nd, and George Donhauser in the 3rd to match up with Mike Lauria’s Camaro in the semi’s. It was there that Lauria rolled the beams and handed the win to Eckel meaning that we would have a 1st time winner in the finals.

As the Barbato vs. Eckel final staged it would be Eckel who was too fast at the flash of the tree and went .005 red, handing the victory to Barbato who ran it out to a 9.880.


Romano Wins ECNSSA at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

The East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association (ECNSSA) participated in their 5th annual Old Time Drags and Rod Run / Funny Car Reunion at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (Englishtown, NJ) on Sunday, July 26th. Despite threatening skies and brutal temperatures, they were able to run 2 qualifiers and all rounds of eliminations without any delays from Mother Nature. In the final, it was Tony Romano in his Pontiac taking the victory over George Gudat's Ford. (photos supplied by ECNSSA)








Nichols and Schurman Claim MASGA Victories at Cecil County


Fresh off his win last month at Atco Raceway, Earl Nichols of Wilmington, DE made it back-to- back Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association victories with his win on Saturday July 18th at Cecil County Dragway (Rising Sun, MD). Kelli Barbato from West Chester, PA led the 33 car field with an almost perfect 9.901; following her was West coast racer Hollis Colleasure, Gary Laird, George Donhauser and Larry Paden Sr.

Nichols trip to the finals consisted of victories over Dave Burket, Pat Iannone, and Laird, and he had a bye-run in the 4th round. Nichols then used an .016 to .084 starting line advantage to defeat points leader Delaney Richardson 9.925 to 9.952 in the semi-finals.

On the other side of the ladder was Donhauser and his 1979 Arrow. Donhauser would make it to the finals with wins over Rob Keister, Walter Olt, George Smith and #1 Qualifier Barbato in the quarterfinals (9.902 to a 9.866 to receive a bye into the finals). In the final Donhauser took a slight advantage at the tree .011 to Nichols' .024, but at the stripe in one of the best races of the day Nichols took the win by .001.

In Sunday’s race, Matt Schurman of Green Brook, NJ had his 1996 Beretta on a string to claim his first MASGA race since 2007. Bernie Staub from Dover, PA ran a perfect 9.900 to claim the #1 qualifying spot; following him were Keister, Richardson, George Smith, and Nichols.

Schurman’s road to the final consisted of victories over Robert Farkas, Colleasure with a perfect 9.900, Walter Olt and a red-lighting Jack Donnelly in the semi-finals. Schurman’s opponent in the final round was Larry Paden Sr. and his 1968 Camaro. Paden took out Pat Iannone, Delaney Richardson, Nick Olt and Mike Lauria (after they both had .006 lights but Lauria breaking out 9.892 to 9.910).

The final round was decided at the tree as Paden went -.002 red against the .007 of Schurman. Both cars shut off and coasted down the track. Despite the wins of both Nichols and Schurman, Delaney Richardson will still carry a slight points lead into MASGA's 7th & 8th races at Numidia Dragway August 1st and 2nd.


New Paint Not A Curse As Kraenzle Wins Another NENDRA Event
You’re not supposed to change a winning car. You’re supposed to leave it alone in order to keep it happy. I’ve also heard that you’re especially not supposed to change the look or name of a winning car. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it sure seemed true when I changed the name of the Dragtime Dodge a few years ago (if you remember what I changed it to; congratulations. If you don’t, then I’m not telling). The new name lasted one season, and it was the worst season the Dodge and I ever had. I learned my lesson.







Jeff Kraenzle of North Bennington VT (above) has evidently heard no such superstition and completely re-themed his 1967 Plymouth GTX in a Sox & Martin color- and lettering-scheme after winning a race earlier this season with the North East Nostalgia Drag Racing Association. The car must have liked the change, because Kraenzle took another win, this time on June 20th at NENDRA’s fourth race at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Kraenzle’s final-round opponent was Massachusetts’ Wayne Farquhar (left). Farquhar’s been no stranger to final round appearances this season, and came up just .018 short at the stripe. The .next NENDRA .event is scheduled for August 8th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. For more information about NENDRA, visit their website at www.nendra.com.

SEMIFINALS: Jeff Kraenzle (North Bennington VT, 1967 Plymouth GTX, .031, 10.770 on a 10.71) defeats Steve Seifert (Shelton CT, 1971 Plymouth ’Cuda, .138, 9.303 on a 9.35); Wayne Farquhar (1966 Chevrolet Nova, .051, 12.102 on a 12.05) defeats Barry Longo (Enfield CT, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, .073, 9.874 on a 9.80). FINAL: Kraenzle (.068, 10.828 on a 10.73) defeats Farquhar (.081, 12.146 on a 12.05).

Increase Your Capital At Capitol June 27th & 28th
Racers at Capitol Raceway (Crofton, MD) will be hoping to see green this weekend, and not just at the starting line.

Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th is Big Bucks Weekend for Super ET and Pro ET. Saturday's race in Super pays $5,000 Win and $1,000 Runner-Up; the entry is $125, with a $100 buy back available. Pro ET on Saturday pays $2,000 Win and $800 Runner-Up; the entry is $65, with a $50 buy back available.

Sunday's Super ET race pays $3,000 Win and $1,000 Runner-Up; the entry is $85, with a $75 buy back available. Sunday's Pro ET race pays $1,500 Win and $600 Runner-Up; the entry is $50, with a $40 buy back. There are also Street and Motorcycle races both days. For more info, visit www.capitolraceway.com.


Shaffer Is Hot At Maple Grove’s “Day” Of Fire
Mohnton, PA’s Charles Shaffer outlasted the pack in Street Battles to take the Top Dog title at the rescheduled Night Of Fire at Maple Grove on Sunday, June 21st, beating Gary Schatz of Marietta, PA. Shaffer, who was the 12.50-second class winner, drove his 1967 Mustang to the win with a reaction time of .094 seconds and a run of 12.591 at 102.43 over Schatz’s ’86 Buick GN. Other Street Battle winners were Mark Schankweiler (9.00 class), Mark Jurgensen (10.00 class), George Walleigh (10.50 class), Mike Strickler (11.00 class), Ryan Schantz (11.50 class), Bill Hale (12.00 class), Charles Shaffer (12.50 class), Gary Schatz (13.00 class), Richard Strohl Jr. (13.50 class), Wes Maulick (14.50 class), Joe Reichert (15.50 class), Rob Snyder (16.50 class), and Tim Ash (17.50 class). In Super Pro Gamblers, Will Pusey (Coatesville PA, .020, 8.986 on an 8.98, 148.95 mph) was able to hold off Bill Schell (West Lawn PA, .006, 7.950 on a 7.92, 169.72 mph) for the victory.

In the day’s main events, Jill Canuso drove the Hanna Motorsports Queen of Diamonds 300 MPH Jet Dragster to a win over Ernie Bogue’s Beast From The East in a side-by-side jet dragster pass. Both drivers drilled the tree (Bogue’s .015 to Canuso’s .017), but Canuso zipped the Hanna Motorsports-built dragster to a winning 5.249 ET at 300.46 mph vs. Bogue’s 5.338 at 288.33 mph. In the other pair of jet dragsters, Lou Pereira’s Terminator ran 5.428 at 293.35 to beat Bob Van Sciver’s Jersey Thunder.

In Jet Funny Car, Ken Hall in the Hanna Motorsports Top Secret took the win over Rich Hanna in First Strike. In Nostalgia Funny Car, Jake Crimmins exacted some revenge against Phil Burkart Jr. in the U.S. Male machine. Crimmins lost to Burkart the previous week at New England Dragway, but this time Crimmins’ Crazzzy Jake had the better reaction time off the line and took the win with a 6.337 at 224.25 mph over Burkart’s 6.52 at 213.64.


1st Time Winners Highlight ORSCA Results at Montgomery Motorsports Park
Rain has been hampering racing around the southeast but Jim Howard and Montgomery Motorsports Park persevered and the June 13th Outlaw Racing Street Car Association (ORSCA) race was completed late Sunday night. Well, almost anyway: during the Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 final Bill Futch exploded a transmission in his loss to Bryan Markiewicz. Facing a potential lengthy clean-up, the Limited Street finalists Steve Jackson and Jeff Paulk decided to split the money and race for the points at the next event.

In the 7.0 Index class, Mark Armstrong shook off a red-light bug that has plagued him most of this season and took the win over Terry Stringer who fouled in the finals. Paige Owens doesn't race as often as most of his 5.0 Index opponents do, yet when he does it usually has positive results and this time was no different. He qualified in the middle of the pack at number 13 and improved dramatically on race day. In the final he used an .028 light and 5.026 to beat Bic Bickerstaff who was right there with an .027 light and 5.028. PTC Modified Street usually puts on a spectacular show and they didn't disappoint this weekend. In the end, Richard Reagan returned to the Winner's Circle after ending Eric Kenward's bid for two in a row. Reagan used an .041 light and a 5.412 to stop Eric's .025 initiated 5.451.

Brett Long of Saluda SC didn't have the fastest car in TCI EZ Street but he did leave with the first place money and trophy. He did a better job getting down the track than each of his four opponents including #3 qualifier Nick Yarber in the final. Long defeated Yarber with a 5.30. Automatic Pro Mods came down to two nitrous car with two veterans behind the wheels. When the dust settled Steve Kirk took out a red-lighting Tony Christian.

In Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5, Bryan Markiewicz and the team from Seminole FL finally broke through for that elusive first win. Markiewicz ran his best ET of the race (4.45) to defeat Futch in the final.


Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association Counts Its Nichols at Atco
The Mid-Atlantic Super Gas Association held their fourth event of their 2009 season June 7th at New Jersey's Atco Raceway. Once again a nice turnout for MASGA as 33 cars made the first qualifying shot down the quarter mile. After the 2 qualifying shots Derek Clark from Maugansville MD took the pole with a 9.905.

Earl Nichols’ road to the final in his 1982 Corvette started by taking out last year’s winner Jack Donnelly in the 1st round. Next round he had the task of taking on top-qualifier Clark. Nichols took a slight advantage at the tree (.010 to .014); both cars ran too quick for the 9.90 index but Nichols broke out less and took the win with a 9.893 to Clark’s 9.880. Nichols received a bye-run in the 3rd round due to mechanical issues with Frank Tatarynowicz's roadster. The 4th round match-up with Rob “BJ” Keister and his 1964 Chevy Nova Wagon would guarantee a trip to the final as whoever won the round received a next-round bye. Both drivers had less-than-stellar lights (Nichols’ .096 to Keister's .103) but Nichols was closer to the index as he took a 9.913 to 9.972 victory and a berth in the finals.

On the other side of the ladder was Lance Kreiger and his 2004 Corvette. In the 1st round Kreiger’s dead-on 9.900 took out John Malcolm and his 1938 Roadster. In the second round Kreiger had a bye and the 3rd match would be against Bob Phillips and his 2002 Neon. In what might have been the best race of the day Phillips took a .003 to .006 advantage at the tree but at the stripe it was Kreiger holding off Phillips 9.911 to 9.918. In the 4th round Kreiger took out the Massachusetts-based 1967 Camaro of Mac Starks Jr. In the semis Kreiger matched up with Iggie Boicesco's 2002 Corvette. Krieger found himself in trouble the first half of the race as Boicesco took a .003 to .052 advantage at the tree but Kreiger put up another 9.90 run as he took the win with a 9.903 to Iggie's 9.959.

This staged a battle of old-vs.-new Corvettes with Nichols’ 1982 against Kreiger’s 2004. The race was decided at the tree as Nichols’.022 takes a big advantage over Kreiger's .198. Nichols knew he had room and took a 10.088 victory over Kreiger's 9.982. Earl would like to thank the Nichols Family, Ron Orbin, Tom Goldman and Chuck and Deb Rothermel for the motor in the winning Corvette.


Beetlemania At Maple Grove: Sun Shines For June Bug Classic
After storms battered the region around Maple Grove Raceway earlier in the weekend, the sun was shining Sunday June 14th for June Bug Classic XXII. Spectators at the event admired various Volkswagen models in a car show, and had a chance to watch several of them race on the dragstrip.

Craig Hershey of Fredericksburg PA won the Trophy class, driving his 1998 GTI VR6 past Jonathan Kerns of Reading PA in his ’79 Sirocco. Hershey won with a pass of 14.242 seconds at 99.08 mph. Tim Vinkus of Binghamton NY was the winner in Bracket 2, driving his ’74 Beetle to an unswattable 10.641 at 112.70 over Jason Rotkiske of Temple PA.

The day before, Maple Grove was able to get its racing in Saturday June 13th .despite .rainy .weather
. In Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail No. 9, Wayne Pyfrom won the Top Bike category, beating Andy Dempsey with a pass of 9.197 at 146.89. In the Junior Dragster final, Allison Bell of Hershey PA outraced Chase Fahnestock of Newville PA with a run of 8.151 at 81.79. Parkville MD’s John Warehime was the winner of the 422 All Stars event, beating Keith Wynn of Northumberland PA in his 1966 Chevelle. In Street Battles No. 3, Sheri Lee was the Top Dog, beating Martin Flegal in the final.

June Bug Trophy: Craig Hershey (1998 GTI VR6, .032, 14.242 on a 14.26, 99.08 mph) defeats Jonathan Kerns (1979 Sirocco, .102, 16.933 on a 17.00, 79.06 mph). June Bug Bracket 2: Tim Vinkus (1974 Beetle, .030, 10.641 .on .a .10.50, 112.70 mph) defeats Jason Rotkiske (2005 Berrier Buggy, .175, 12.859 on a 12.75, 97.24 mph).

Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail Top Bike: Wayne Pyfrom (.081, 9.917 on a 9.18, 146.89 mph) defeats Andy Dempsey (-.101, 8.476 on an 8.45, 155.54 mph); Junior Dragster: Allison Bell (2001 Halfscale, .044, 8.151 on an 8.12, 81.79 mph) defeats Chase Fahnestock (2006 Motivational, .087, 8.052 on an 8.04, 79.94 mph).

422 All Stars: John Warehime (1966 Chevelle, .171, 10.483 on a 10.50, 121.33 mph) defeats Keith Wynn (1963 Plymouth Fury, .134, 10.771 on a 10.80, 118.43 mph).

Street Battles Top Dog: Sheri Lee (1.08, 11.468 on an 11.50, 116.00 mph) defeats Martin Flegal (-.001, 13.00, 12.949, 102.56 mph).


Bracket Racers At Pittsburgh Raceway Will Play With Fire on Saturday, June 13th
Pittsburgh Raceway Park’s regular bracket racers will be part of the track’s annual Night Of Fire event on Saturday, June 13th. This is a regular points day that also includes a thrill show starring three jet dragsters including Hanna Motorsports’ Queen Of Diamonds, the Shockwave jet truck, the Cool Bus wheelstander, and fireworks.

There will also be Pittsburgh Raceway’s regular 2nd Chance Races for 1st or 2nd round losers in Box and No Box, with the winner of each racing each other for a $400 Win and $100 Runner-Up prize.

Gates open 9:00 am with time trials at 1:00 pm. For more information, call Pittsburgh Raceway Park at 724-668-7600, or visit their website at www.pittsburghracewaypark.com.


Plymouths Dominate NENDRA’s 3rd Event As Colabattista Takes Win
Danbury CTs John Colabattista drove his 1962 Plymouth to a win at the North East Nostalgia Drag Racing Association’s third event of their season on June 6th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. The win vaulted Colabattista to a 2nd-place position in the NENDRA points. Steve Seifert of Shelton CT, NENDRA’s last event winner, made his way to his 2nd straight final and took the runner-up slot to Colabattista, and still maintains his lead in the points. NENDRA’s next scheduled event is Saturday, June 20th at Lebanon Valley Dragway. For more info, visit their website at www.nendra.com.

SEMIFINALS: John Colabattista (Danbury CT, 1962 Plymouth, .026, 10.86 on a 10.78) defeats Pete Spies (1966 Plymouth, .126, 12.18 on a 12.14). Steve Seifert (Shelton CT, 1971 ‘Cuda) has the bye. FINAL: Colabattista (.083, 11.20 on a 10.80) defeats Seifert (-.500, 9.31 on a 9.32).


Robinson Wins East Coast Stock/Super Stock at Atco
In the East Coast Stock / Super Stock Association event held at Atco Raceway on Saturday, May 30th, Ken Robinson (D/SA 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, .060, 11.605 on an 11.62, 112.71 mph) defeated Frank Bialas (B/SA 1970 Plymouth GTX, -.002, 10.491 on a 10.51, 125.33 mph). Steve Calabro (AA/SA 1969 Chevrolet Camaro) and Frank Ferrucci (J/SA 1990 Chevrolet Camaro) were the semi-finalists. Below left is Robinson (left) with ECS/SSA's Dave Ley; below right is Frank Bialas airing out the suspension on his GTX (photos supplied by East Coast Stock/Super Stock Association).








Seeing Double at Englishtown: Sperone And George Win Again; Mattioli Takes The Weekend In Pro
You may remember seeing Steve Sperone’s, Ken George’s and Rick Mattioli’s names here before. Well those weren’t the first times and this probably won’t be the last. Sperone, George and Mattioli have been on a tear lately, with Sperone winning another Super ET event, George winning again in Bike, and Mattioli winning Pro on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday May 30th was the 34th Annual Snap-On Tools Night Of Thrills. The event includes alcohol funny cars, nitro nostalgia funny cars, jet cars, monster trucks and wheelstanders. Raceway Park also invites its points racers in the top eight positions to compete. Having participated in a number of these, I can tell you it’s a great time. Getting to race in front of a capacity crowd and then seeing a great show, what more could you ask for?

Sunday May 31st was the sixth of ten points days at Englishtown. Under picture perfect conditions, Sperone, Mattioli and George took care of business and once again wound up in the Winner’s Circle. Other Sunday winners were Pat Barbone in Top Street and Mike Harkins in Street.

SUPER PRO: Greg Parsons (Jackson NJ, 2004 Racetech, .307, 9.153 on a 7.63, 106.34 mph) defeats Richard Wilk (Neshanic Station NJ, 2008 American, -.003, 7.80 on a 7.82, 169.4 mph). PRO ET: Rick Mattoli (Middlesex NJ, 1967 Camaro, .034, 10.321 on a 10.29, 127.35 mph) defeats Ray Whitehead (Spotswood NJ, 1983 Camaro, .107, 10.091 on a 10.11, 131.83 mph). STREET ET: Doug Gould (Levittown PA, 1997 Camaro, .021, 14.40 on a 14.35, 89.82 mph) defeats James Romagna (Monmouth Junction NJ, 1980 Monte Carlo, .147, 13.706 on a 13.70, 96.07 mph). BIKE/SLED: Rick Mazzola (Staten Island NY, 2002 ZX12, .064, 9.777 on a 9.57, 142.78 mph) defeats Michael Ostrowski (Bay Shore NY, 1996 Suzuki, -.061, 8.252 on an 8.28, 161.44 mph). 11.50 INDEX: Rob Farley (Old Bridge NJ, 1998 Corvette, .026 11.55, 106.19 mph) defeats Ellis Gray (Holland PA, 2000 Corvette, .028, 11.45, 116.69 mph). 10:00 INDEX: Michael Beck (South River NJ, 1988 Pontiac Firebird, .047, 10.262, 106.45 mph) defeats Mike Romeo (Quakertown PA, 1974 Chevrolet Camaro, 2.129, 10.04, 133 mph). 8.50 INDEX: TJ Kasper (Westville NJ, 1992 Ford Mustang, .069, 8.56, 157.17 mph)
defeats Rob Poochigian. (Richboro... PA, ..1967.. Chevelle, -.002, 8.607, 158.65 mph).

SUPER PRO SEMIFINALS: Butch Bucher (Howell NJ, 2000 Undercover, .020, 7.621 on a 7.61, 174.96 mph) defeats Eddie Peoples (East Orange NJ, 1965 Pontiac GTO, .027, 9.286 on a 9.30, 142.78 mph). Steve Sperone (Ledgewood NJ, 2007 Racetech) has the bye. FINAL: Sperone (.020, 7.726 on a 7.62, 153.39 mph) defeats Bucher (.026, 9.04 on a 7.62, 107.7 mph).

PRO ET SEMIFINALS: Clint Walters (Poughkeepsie NY, 1986 Chevrolet Camaro, .003, 10.96 on a 10.81, 103.4 mph) defeats Bob Conway Jr. (Oak Ridge NJ, 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, .074, 10.582 on a 10.29, 123.89 mph); Rick Mattioli (Middlesex NJ, 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, .009, 10.431 on a 10.33 121.83 mph) defeats Pat Barbone (East Hanover NJ, 1980 Chevrolet Malibu, .111, 10.336 on a 10.29, 130.76 mph). FINAL: Mattioli (.039, 10.332 on a 10.33, 130.52 mph) defeats Walters (.002, 10.80 on a 10.82, 117.59 mph).

STREET ET SEMIFINALS: John Hedenburg (Old Bridge NJ, 1991 Ford Mustang, .007, 12.066 on a 12.03, 111.18 mph) defeats Bill Hood (Bensalem PA, 1988 Monte Carlo, .066, 13.17 on a 13.21, 100.49 mph); Mike Harkins (Bensalem PA, 1988 Chevy Camaro, .083, 12.263 on a 12.30, 111.17 mph) defeats John Iacono (Ridgewood NJ, 1989 Mustang, .043, 15.203 on a 15.29, 89.2 mph). FINAL: Harkins (.038, 12.222 on a 12.25, 110.38 mph) defeats Hedenburg (.074, 11.982 on a 12.02, 111.88 mph).

BIKE/SLED SEMIFINALS: Ken George (Landing NJ, 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa, .105, 9.123 on an 8.95, 121.34 mph) defeats John Evans (Ossining NY, 1997 Ski-doo, .094, 9.279 on a 9.06, 131.81 mph); Ken Thiedemann (Bernardsville NJ, 2007 Kawasaki) has the bye. FINAL: George (.068, 8.924 on an 8.94 140.58 mph) defeats Thiedemann (.071, 8.877 on an 8.92, 142.88 mph).

TOP STREET SEMIFINALS: Pat Barbone (East Hanover NJ, 1980 Chevrolet Malibu, .022, 10.279 on a 10.39, 130.34 mph) defeats Rick Constable (Succasunna NJ, 1997 Chevrolet Camaro, -.019, 10.45 on a 10.48, 129.38 mph); Steve Sisko (Iselin NJ, 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, .057, 11.064 on an 11.05, 112.5 mph) defeats Bill Parson (Middletown NJ, 1969 Dodge Dart, .086, 11.629 on an 11.64, 112.46 mph). FINAL: Barbone (.128, 10.273 on a 10.29, 130.24 mph) defeats Sisko (-.018, 18.536 on an 11.03, 65.45 mph).


Bill Glidden Wins Extreme 10.5 Again; Jim Halsey Wins Pro Nitrous At ADRL Hardee’s Georgia Drags
Bill Glidden scored back-to-back wins with his second Extreme 10.5 Class win of the season at the ADRL Hardee’s Georgia Drags at South Georgia Motorsports Park (Cecil, GA). Glidden defeated the 2009 single turbo Pontiac G6 of Spiro Pappas in the final with a 4.09 to Pappas' 4.16. Glidden’s best run was a 4.08 against Steve Kirk Jr. in the semi finals.

Glidden’s GTO rides on Mickey Thompson’s new 16x16 Pro 5 ET Drag dual bead-lock wheels with Mickey Thompson 3169W tires. “All of the 10.5 Class racers are competing for a place in the Mickey Thompson ADRL Extreme 10.5 Three-Second Club,” said Carl Robinson, Motorsports Manager, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. “This new 2009 program combines several special prizes into one great awards program for the first five race teams able to achieve less than four-second runs in the Extreme 10.5 Class, and it has been thrilling to watch Billy compete and win with such excellent times. We are looking forward to seeing his team on that Three-Second Club list this year.”

In Pro Nitrous, Jim Halsey of Street, MD piloted his 1968 Camaro to a 3.94 in qualifying to land the #2 spot. Halsey struggled with mechanical gremlins in eliminations but still survived. In the final, it was all Halsey over Steve Vick, 3.92 to Vick’s losing 3.95. Halsey pads his lead in the points with this win.

American Drag Racing League classes are Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, and Extreme Pro Stock. For information about ADRL events or membership, visit their website at www.adrl.us.


Supporters of The Dragtime News.com and the Dragtime 1964 Dodge - Part II

Thanks to the following companies and individuals for their generosity: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels for their product support of the DRAGTIME 1964 Dodge, and the contributor who wishes to remain anonymous for his financial gift to The Dragtime News.com.


Allen Britt Claims $15,000 Top Prize At Rockingham’s Bracket Nationals
Allen Britt outlasted the weather and a Top Eliminator field of more than 120 on Memorial Day to win the enhanced $15,000 top prize in the rain-plagued Ironman Memorial Day Bracket Nationals at Rockingham Dragway. After rain washed out the entire Sunday program, disappointing a field of 246 racers, track owner Steve Earwood rolled the $5,000 that was earmarked for Saturday’s Top Eliminator winner into the Monday purse. Britt, the veteran from Fairmont NC, got a free ride to one of his biggest paydays when Raeford, NC’s Terry Long broke out by .004 of a second. After dispatching Long, Britt won a one-run duel with Footbrake champ Tim Wilson of Hope Mills, NC to claim one of three official IHRA Ironman trophies awarded during the weekend. The other two went to William Roberts of Benson, NC, who won the Top Eliminator-Footbrake runoff on Saturday and to Britt’s son, J.P., who claimed the special Jr. Dragster Ironman Monday by beating Jessica Dean of Monroe, NC. Other winners were Bill Hansen of Ninety-Six, SC in the Friday Gamblers race, Maxton, NC’s Bryan Bell in the high rollers’ Saturday Gamblers race, Tommy Duff of Holly Ridge, NC in Footbrake on Saturday and Ms. Dean and Nicole Phillips in Jr. Dragster.

TOP ELIMINATOR SEMIFINALS: Terry Long (Raeford, NC, .014, 4.769 on a 4.760, 144.71 mph) defeats Chip Johnson (Fayetteville, NC 1968 Chevy Camaro, foul); Allen Britt (Fairmont, NC) has the bye.
FINAL: Britt (.015, 4.743 on a 4.700, 144.50 mph) defeats Long (.025, 4.756 on a 4.760, 142.36 mph).

FOOTBRAKE SEMIFINALS: Tim Wilson (Hope Mills, NC, 6.416 on a 6.380, 107.69 mph) defeats Ricky Greer (Mocksville, NC, .012, 6.265 on a 6.280, 107.02 mph); Richard Alford Jr. (1971 Chevrolet Chevelle, .001, 7.233 on a 7.210, 92.21 mph) defeats Roger Rhodes (Pikesville, NC, foul). FINAL: Wilson (.079, 6.430 on a 6.400, 105.85 mph) defeats Alford Jr. (.030, 7.318 on a 7.210, 91.32 mph).

JR. DRAGSTER SEMIFINALS: Nicole Phillips (Sumter, SC, .027, 8.013 on a 7.900, 79.47 mph) defeats J.P. Britt (Clarkton, NC .068, 8.124 on a 7.970, 80.26 mph); Jessica Dean (Monroe, NC, .054, 7.922 on a 7.900, 84.46 mph) defeats Noah Strickland (Concord, NC .129, 7.854 on a 7.900, 82.73 mph). FINAL: Phillips (.026, 7.938 on a 7.900, 80.90 mph) defeats Dean (.089, 7.910 and 7.900, 83.27 mph).

IRONMAN JR. DRAGSTER SEMIFINALS: J.P. Britt (Clarkton, NC .064, 8.195 on an 8.120, 78.00 mph) defeats Nicole Phillips (Sumter, SC, .080, 7.889 on a 7.900, 81.74 mph); Jessica Dean (Monroe, NC, .008, 7.955 on a 7.900, 79.29 mph) defeats Noah Strickland (Concord, NC .066, 7.970 on a 7.900, 80.47 mph). FINAL: Britt (.082, 8.248 on an 8.200, 78.92 mph) defeats Dean (.082, 7.973 on a 7.900, 79.53 mph).


TOP ELIMINATOR SEMIFINALS: William Roberts (Benson, NC, .010, 5.988 on a 5.970, 114.98 mph) defeats Charles Doss (Statesville, NC, .023, 4.829 on a 4.810, 141.00 mph). Stephen Hamminds (Laurinburg, NC) has the bye. FINAL: Roberts (.021, 6.003 on a 5.970, 114.24 mph) defeats Hamminds (.048, 6.755 on a 6.760, 97.48 mph).

FOOTBRAKE SEMIFINALS: Mark Soles (Riegelwood, NC, 1988 Ford Mustang, .006, 5.737 on a 5.710, 116.77 mph) defeats Art Laselle (Fayetteville, NC, 1979 Plymouth Volare, .084, 7.417 on a 7.390, 90.64 mph); Tommy Duff (Holly Ridge, NC) has the bye. FINAL: Duff (.028, 6.973 on a 6.960, 96.20 mph) defeats Soles (.013, 5.699 on a 5.710, 119.26 mph.).

JR. DRAGSTER SEMIFINALS: Noah Strickland (Concord, NC, .028, 7.931 on a 7.900, 82.07 mph) defeats Taylor Flynn (Monroe, NC .015, 8.468 on a 8.400, 71.13 mph); Jessica Dean (Monroe, NC, .064, 8.220 on a 7.900, 80.06 mph) defeats J.P. Britt (Clarkton, NC, foul). FINAL: Dean (.096, 7.885 on a 7.900, 84.60 mph) defeats Strickland (foul).

TOP ELIMINATOR GAMBLER’S RACE SEMIFINALS: Tommy Plott (Winston-Salem, NC, .015, 4.763 on a 4.750, 144.36 mph) defeats E.J. Womack (Lillington, NC, .002, 5.078 on a 5.080, 134.14 mph); Bryan Bell (Maxton, NC, .016, 5.062 on a 5.030, 138.63 mph) defeats Marty Dabney (Troy, NC, foul). FINAL: Bell (.004, 5.050 on a 5.040, 139.57 mph) defeats Plott (.006, 4.770 on a 4.760, 143.20 mph).


Delaney Richardson Wins MASGA Opener at Maple Grove
The Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association kicked off its 2009 campaign May 16th as 30 of the top northeast Super Gas drivers converged on Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. Lance Kreiger from Dover, PA stole the #1 qualifying spot with an almost perfect 9.902. Following Kreiger was Don Knoblick (9.904) from Bath, PA and Tom Goldman (9.907) from Allentown, PA.

On the first side of the ladder was newcomer Delaney Richardson and his 1992 Chevrolet Beretta. Delaney was only a newcomer to running 9.90 Super Gas and was using the MASGA races as practice to work on his car's set-up for the NHRA Division 1 races. Delaney's practice paid off in Round 1 as he beat John Malcolm and his 1938 Chevy Roadster. In the 2nd round he took out Jim Fordyce's 1994 Lumina, and then in the 3rd round he won over Pete "Lucky" Luciano and his 1968 Camaro. In the semi-finals Delaney had his hands full taking on #2 qualifier Knoblick and his Glen's Car Care 1972 Vega Wagon. Off the line Delaney was behind with an .092 reaction to Knoblick's .048 but Knoblick took way too much and gave the win light. to. Richardson,. 9.816 to a winning 9.910. The second half of the ladder saw #5 qualifier Hank Smith from Leesport, PA and his 1995 Camaro make his march towards the finals. In the 1st round Smith had a tough task as he took out two-time MASGA Champ Iggie Boicesco and his 2002 Corvette. Next round Smith would take out a red-lighting Bernie Staub and that set up a date against Derek Clark in the 3rd. Smith took out Clark with an .022 light and a 9.921 to Derek's .032 light and 9.932. In the semis Smith had. a bye-run. due to mechanical issues for Paul Schonberger and his 1980 Arrow.

FINAL ROUND - RICHARDSON vs. SMITH: As the 2 cars lit the bulbs and the starter sent them on their way Richardson had the reaction advantage over Smith (.028 to .042) and would carry that all the way to the winner circle and his first MASGA trophy with a 9.946 to Smith's losing 9.953. Richardson thanked Larry from Pro Motion Engines and Joe from Precision Race Cars on his win. ---Leanne Luciano.


Sperone, Mullaney, Puskas, George and Constable Unflappable As Wind Hammers Englishtown

It’s always something. On Englishtown’s second points day, back in March when it should have felt like Spring, it was a cold, raw 40 degrees. On Englishtown’s third points day, back in April when it should have felt like Spring, it was 90. On Englishtown’s fourth points day, on Sunday, May 10th, it felt like Spring…with a 35-MPH cross wind just to make it interesting. The extreme wind made for dangerous conditions, especially for the dragsters and bikes. After time shots, track management made the right call and decided to run the rest of the program in the 1/8 mile; the only 1/4 mile eliminator would be Street ET. Little did the racers know at the time that there would be another benefit to running in the 1/8: the program would run more quickly, which would come in handy after an inordinate number of Test & Tune / No Time driver and vehicle malfunctions that lengthened the raceday. The 1/8 mile format helped the points-classes make it to final rounds before the 7:30 pm curfew. Making their ways to the Winner’s Circle were Steve Sperone, Brian Mullaney, Joe Puskas, Ken George, and Rick Constable. Mullaney and Constable have been on a roll lately: each has won multiple events so far this season. Saturday’s Pro Dial Dash winner was Mike Beck.

(Ledgewood NJ, 2007 Racetech, .008, 4.81 on a 4.80, 142 mph) defeats Steve Sisko (Iselin NJ, 2000 Chevy S-10, .015, 7.597 on a 7.59, 105.22 mph; Joseph Gallucci Jr. (South Amboy NJ, 2003 Undercover) has the bye. FINAL: Sperone (.018, 4.82 on a 4.80, 140 mph) defeats Gallucci (.028, 4.88 on a 4.87, 139 mph).

PRO ET SEMIFINALS: Brian Mullaney (Rockaway NJ, 1983 Monte Carlo, .020, 7.435 on a 7.43, 91.5 mph) defeats Chuck Morris (Windsor Locks CT, 1980 Chevy Malibu, -.020, 6.715 on a 6.72, 102.93 mph); Ron Keegan (Rutherford NJ, 1969 Camaro, .004, 6.231 on a 6.22, 110.4 mph) over Bob Mullaney (Rockaway NJ, 1972 Chevy Nova, .011, 6.171 on a 6.16, 109.44 mph). FINAL: Mullaney (.001, 7.453 on a 7.42, 87.89 mph) defeats Keegan (.052, 6.252 on a 6.22, 110.67 mph).

STREET ET SEMIFINALS: John Iacono (Ridgewood NJ, 1989 Ford Mustang, .042, 15.113 on a 15.19, 93.75 mph) defeats James Romagna (Monmouth Junction NJ, 1980 Monte Carlo, -.099, 13.822 on a 13.82, 96.09 mph); Joe Puskas (New Brunswick NJ, 1967 Chevy Camaro, .195, 13.10 on a 12.77, 89.52 mph) defeats Keith Lundrigan (Feasterville PA, 1999 Ford Mustang, .143, 14.901 on a 14.39, 97.74 mph). FINAL: Puskas (.065, 12.751 on a 12.76, 103.54 mph) defeats Iacono (.010, 15.082 on a 15.14, 88.65 mph).

BIKE/SLED SEMIFINALS: Ken Thiedemann (Bernardsville NJ, 2007 Kawasaki, .168, 5.71 on a 5.66, 123.36 mph) defeats Neil Smith (Hackettstown NJ, 1978 Kawasaki Z1R, .184, 6.534 on a 6.54, 102.68 mph). Ken George (Landing NJ, 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa) had the bye. FINAL: George (.078, 5.459 on a 5.47, 121.44 mph) defeats Thiedemann (.004, 5.702 on a 5.70, 124.6 mph).

TOP STREET SEMIFINALS: Rick Constable (Succasunna NJ, 1997 Chevy Camaro, .027, 6.60 on a 6.62, 103.38 mph) defeats Chris Cassidy (Scotch Plains NJ, 1988 Chevy S10, .066, 6.406 on a 6.46, 105.72 mph); Joe Albrecht (North Bellmore NY, 1971 Chevy Nova, .005, 6.668 on a 6.64, 102.74 mph) defeats Mike Beck (South River NJ, 1988 Pontiac Firebird, .083, 6.579 on a 6.61, 105.6 mph). FINAL: Constable (.037, 6.614 on a 6.58, 99.53 mph) defeats Albrecht (.049, 6.664 on a 6.55, 102.95 mph).


Mid Atlantic Super Gas Season Opener May 16th at Maple Grove
The Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association (MASGA) kicks off their season May 16th & 17th at Maple Grove Raceway with a 2-day event. MASGA was started in 2007 by Pete Luciano after he ran the North East Super Gas Association. MASGA gives Super Gas racers a place to tune their combinations and hone their skills while getting a chance to win some money in the process. Their season consists of five 2-day events, for a total of 10 races. Members race for points, but racers need not attend every race in order to have a good season finish: 6 of 10 races count towards the racers points total. To help accommodate those racers who might not be able to race both days, participation in both Saturday’s and Sunday’s eliminators is not a requirement; racers can run either day or both days as their schedules permit, but a nice extra for the Saturday events is the Saturday Night Racer Barbecue.

All NHRA safety and Super Gas rules apply; the only exception is that MASGA runs a true .400 Tree and not the .370 Tree used by NHRA. Cars are qualified on a sportsman ladder for first round pairings. As an incentive for running closest to 9.900, the higher qualified car has lane choice for first round only.

At the end of their season, MASGA holds a racer banquet where their top 5 competitors are honored and their champion is crowned. The banquet is free to members and a guest; their 2008 banquet saw their largest turnout ever with 78 attendees. Membership in MASGA is $75 for the season, which includes the above-mentioned banquet. Entry fees on racedays vary so contact MASGA for more information.

For more details visit Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association on the web at www.midatlanticsupergas.com or email Leanne Luciano at LeanneLuciano@hotmail.com.


Muscle Cars At Maple Grove: NMCA and Kook’s Want To Pump You Up June 5th-7th

The NMCA Hot Rod & Muscle Car Nationals sponsored by Kook’s Custom Headers will visit Maple Grove Raceway in June. This inaugural stop on the NMCA Edelbrock Drag Racing Series Tour will be a crowd-pleaser as it’s sure to bring all the heavy hitters on the east coast. In addition to the regular NMCA drag racing event, this event will also feature the Inaugural Late-Model HEMI Shootout. As with all 2009 NMCA events, there will be two separate drag racing events on Saturday and Sunday. There’s also a Vendor midway, Car Show, Swap Meet and Burnout Contest.

Gates open Friday, June 5th at 12:00 noon, with Late Model Hemi Test-N-Tune from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm, and Heads’ Up Qualifier #1 at 7:00 pm. Gates open Saturday at 9:00 am, with Bracket and Late Model Hemi time shots beginning at 9:15 am, and Heads’ Up Qualifier #2 at 10:30 am. Sunday gates open at 8:00 am with eliminations starting at 9:00 am. Weekend entry fee for either NMCA Heads Up or for Bracket participants is $150.

Visit www.nmcadigital.com/pa for full schedule, rules, single-day entry fees and spectator pricing.


Hey Wally! National Dragster Challenge at Capitol Raceway
The NHRA National Dragster Challenge makes a stop this Saturday, May 16th at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD. Winners in Super Pro, Pro, Street, and Motorcycle will each win a special-edition Wally. Entry fees are $65 for Super Pro, $45 for Pro ET, $30 for Street, and $30 for Motorcycle.

Visit www.capitolraceway.com for more info, or call the track at 410-721-7281.


Real Street Car Shootout at Cecil County Dragway Saturday, May 16th
Cecil County Dragway and Finishline Performance present their Real Street Car Shootout on Saturday, May 16th. Classes are Limited 10.5, 275 Drag Radial, 10.00 Index, 12.00 Index, and Street Bike Shootout. Payouts for Limited 10.5 and 275 Drag Radial are $450 Win, $150 Runner-Up, $100 Semi, and $75 Quarters (with a 16-car field). 10.00 Index and 12.00 Index pay $450 Win, $150 Runner-Up, $100 Semi, and $50 Quarters (with a 16-car field). Street Bike Shootout pays $100 Win, $50 Runner-Up, and $25 Semi (with an 8-bike field).

Entry fees are $100 for Limited 10.5, $75 for 275 Drag Radial, $55 for 10.00 Index, $55 for 12.00 Index, and $25 for Street Bike Shootout. There’s also a $25 Test & Tune. Gates open at 8:00 am, test & tune begins at 9:00 am, and qualifying starts at 10:00 am. For more information, visit www.cecilcountydragway.com.


Super Footbrake Saturday at Montgomery Motorsports Park
Saturday, May 16th marks the second of six Super Footbrake Saturdays at Montgomery Motorsports Park (Montgomery, AL) in 2009. The schedule includes two separate $1,500 Footbrake Races, plus a 32-Car Footbrake Shootout. In addition to the $1,500 Win, each Footbrake Race pays $400 Runner-Up, $150 Semis, $75 Quarters, and $25 Eighths. Entry for either footbrake race is $40; enter both for $75 (sixty or more cars are needed in order to have both races).

The 32-Car Shootout is free to the first 32 drivers to call Montgomery Motorsports Park and pre-register for the $1,500 Footbrake races. The winner of the 32-Car Shootout will receive a complete weekend at the $100,000 Footbrake Classic at Montgomery Motorsports Park in October.

Gates open at 9:00 am, with time trials at 10:00 am. Call Jim Howard at 334-260-9660 to register, or visit www.mmpdragracing.com for info.


$5,000 Top ET Race at Maryland Int'l

Maryland Int'l Raceway will hold a $5,000 race for Top ET at their Mountain Motor Nationals Saturday, May 16th. The payout is $5,000 Win, $2,000 Runner-Up, $750 Semis, and $100 Round starting with 2nd Round Win. This is a 1/4 mile race for Top ET vehicles running 12.99 and quicker; no throttle stops are permitted. Entry fee is $125, Buy Backs are $80 (1st and 2nd Round). Gates open at 10:00 am. For more information, call MIR at 301-884-RACE, or visit www.mirdrag.com.


Cash Up For Grabs May 9th at Virginia Motorsports Park

$6,800 will be on the table when Virginia Motorsports Park hosts the North vs. South Roundup on Saturday, May 9th. Highlighting the event will be the 1/8 mile Quick 16 Shootout with the winner taking home $2,000. Fans can also catch the best grudge racers from the area battling down the strip for bragging rights as Rodney’s South Cars take on Larry’s North Cars. Open test & tune will be available for both cars and bikes will from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Live DJs will be on stage all afternoon leading up to the live performance of the Second Nature Band later in the evening; there'll also be plenty of tailgating and partying in the pit area. Entry fee for the Quick 16 Shootout is $100. Gates open 9:00 am, Test & Tune begins 10:00 am, Quick 16 Qualifying (1st Session) at 12:00 noon. For more information, visit virginiamotorsportspk.com, or call 804-862-3174.


Kraenzle Takes Win and Points-Lead at NENDRA Opener

The North East Nostalgia Drag Racing Association (NENDRA) held their first event of the season on May 2nd at Lebanon Valley Dragway. A dismal weather forecast may have kept the car count down, but not the spirit. According to NENDRA co-founder Jason Heintz, “Rain in the forecast scared many folks away from attending but we still had a great time and a full race day for those that did attend. Our next event is scheduled for Saturday May 23 at Lebanon Valley Dragway.” In the end it was the North Bennington, VT GTX of Jeff Kraenzle (pictured left) taking over the Winner’s Circle and the NENDRA points lead.

SEMIFINALS: Chris Baum (North Salem, NY, 1963 Plymouth Savoy, .070, 10.546 on a 10.50) defeats Bill Stevens (Woodbury, CT, 1965 Plymouth Belvedere, .230, 10.306 on a10.300); Jeff Kraenzle (North Bennington, VT, 1967 Plymouth GTX, .085, 10.692 on a 10.58) defeats Angelo Sclafani (Wallingford, CT, 1967 Plymouth Belvedere, .091, 10.787 on a 10.58). FINAL: Kraenzle (.020, 10.621 on a 10.58) defeats Baum (.141, 10.436 on a 10.50).


Fetch Doubles, Wins Stock and Super Stock At Virginia LODRS

Belleville, NJ's Anthony Fetch is quickly making a name for himself in NHRA Stock and Super Stock (photo: James Young, Jr. / JYR Motorsports).

A sizeable crowd was on hand as Top Alcohol Funny Car ace Frank Manzo came out of the gate swinging in the NHRA Northeast division. The reigning divisional and national champion opened the division season with a win at Virginia Motorsports Park’s Full Throttle Shootout presented by NAPA, a round of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. Joining Manzo in the winner’s circle was the current Top Alcohol Dragster national champ Bill Reichert (Owosso, MI) and Anthony Fetch (Belleville, NJ), who scored a rare double win, taking home the goods in both Super Stock and Stock Eliminator. Manzo (Morganville, NJ) started the race from the No. 1 position and never looked back. He made his best run of the day in the final when he squared off against No. 2 qualifier John Anderika (Pittson, PA). Manzo ran 5.583 seconds at 238.02 mph to Anderika’s 5.916-second, 221.89 mph lap.

Reichert had qualified in the No. 3 spot but made his best pass of the weekend, 5.379 seconds at 265.85 mph, in the final. Runner-up Duane Shields (Boulder City, NV) ran a respectable 5.444 ET at 269.62 mph but it was not enough to catch Reichert who is fresh off a win last week in Indianapolis.

In Super Stock, Fetch wheeled his ’92 Camaro to the win over Sal Piacentini (North East, MD) while in Stock Eliminator he took his ’68 Camaro to the win over Ray Skipper Jr. (Richmond, VA). Sal Biondo (Maspeth, NY) got the win in Comp Eliminator when he bested Vinny Barone (Dix Hills, NY). Super Comp racer Mandy Teets (Manassas, VA) ousted Littlestown PA - racer Jason Huff in the final and Al Kenny (Kingston, Ont.) got the win in Super Gas, beating Chris DePascale (Parlin NJ) in the final.

The Super Street win went to Martin Ganjoin (Brick, NJ) over Scott Williams (Carson, VA). Matthew Buck (Lantana, FL) earned the win in Top Sportsman when he jettisoned No. 1 qualifier John Benoit (Montpelier, VT) in the final and Frank Altilio (Ocoee, FL) got the win in Top Dragster beating out Jeff Serra (Reingolds, PA) in the final.


Mod Squad: Philadelphia Modifiers Will Turn Back The Clock at Atco Raceway

The Philadelphia Modifiers Street Rod Club will hold its Spring 2009 Yesteryear Drags and Car Show at Atco Raceway Sunday May 10th (this is the raindate for last Sunday's scheduled event). The event is open to all 1975 and older domestic-powered vehicles. Race classes are Super Pro (7.00-11.99, legal electronics are permitted), Pro ET (9.00-15.99, no electronics permitted in car; footbrake only), Street ET (11.50-19.99, no electronics permitted in car; footbrake only), Street Rod (must be street-legal and tagged; no electronics). Payouts for Super Pro is $500 Win, $200 Runner-Up, and $50 Semis; Pro ET is $400 Win, $200 Runner-Up, and $50 Semis; Street ET is $200 Win, $100 Runner-Up, and $50 Semis; Street Rod is a King Of The Hill Winner Takes All $200. The Philadelphia Modifiers was established in the spring of 1955, making it one of the longest running car clubs in America. To learn more about the Modifiers, visit www.philadelphiamodifiers.com.

Super 7 Race #3 at Montgomery Motorsports May 1st -3rd
The third race of the Super 7 Series presented by Griffin Thermal Products will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 1st-3rd at Montgomery Motorsports Park in Montgomery, AL. Friday’s schedule includes Test-N-Tune and a Gambler’s race. The big races are Saturday and Sunday: $10,000 Win (based on 100 entries), $1,500 Runner-Up, $500 Semis, $200 Quarters, $150 Eighths, and $50 Sixteenths. Entry is $200 for both days, or $150 for either single day. Buybacks are 1st OR 2nd round. Also on Saturday is a special non-points bonus race, with the same pay structure and $150 entry.

This is an 1/8th mile, Pro Championship points series. The winners of each event are guaranteed a place in the series-final 32-Car Shootout. Other guarantees are the overall series points champion will win a complete weekend at the 2009 Million Dollar Race in Memphis, including entries to all races and buybacks if needed ($3,000 value). The winner of the final 32-Car Shootout will win a free entry into the Million in Memphis ($2,000 value). All of the top 32 points racers will receive cash or prizes. For more information, call Jim Howard at (334) 260-9660, or visit www.mmpdragracing.com.


Hughes, George, Hedenburg and Constable Keep Their Cool As Englishtown Bakes
The calendar may have said late April, but it was pure August at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park this past weekend. With temperatures in the mid-90s, it was tough on the vehicles’ abilities to keep cool and on the racers’ abilities to keep focused. Jeff Hughes, Ken George, John Hedenburg, and Rick Constable rose to the occasion and took wins under challenging conditions.

PRO DIAL DASH SEMIFINALS: Bill Parson (Middletown NJ, .046, 11.813 on an 11.66, 98.15 mph) defeats Scott Dalrymple (Fairless Hills, PA, 1985 Ford Mustang, .048, 12.489 on a 10.51, 80.97 mph); Jeff Hughes (Duryea, PA, 1980 Ford Mustang, .037, 9.684 on a 9.60, 140.37 mph) defeats Mike Beck (South River NJ, 1988 Pontiac Firebird, .027, 10.463 on a 10.50, 122.16 mph). FINAL: Hughes (.046, 9.652 on a 9.67, 140.23 mph) defeats Parson (.072, 11.601 on an 11.66, 114.19 mph).

BIKE/SLED SEMIFINALS: Ken George (Landing NJ, 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa, .052, 8.352 on an 8.31, 153.63 mph) defeats John Evans (Ossining NY, 1997 Ski-doo, .073, 8.442 on an 8.46, 144.21 mph); Dan Searing (New Windsor NY, 1994 Polaris) has the bye. FINAL: George (.116, 11.048 on an 8.35, 68.59 mph) defeats Searing (-.159, 8.769 on an 8.68, 148.95 mph).

STREET SEMIFINALS: John Hedenburg (Old Bridge NJ, 1991 Ford Mustang, .009, 11.963 on an 11.90, 100.70 mph) defeats Pat Conway (Morristown NJ, 1978 Chevrolet Malibu, .035, 13.473 on a 13.38, 97.55 mph). John Iacono (Ridgewood NJ, 1989 Mustang,) has the bye. FINAL: Hedenburg (.025, 11.895 on an 11.87, 108.38 mph) defeats Iacono (.043, 15.055 on a 15.04, 94.37 mph).

TOP STREET SEMIFINALS: Andrew Bracuto (Clark NJ, .041, 10.327 on a 10.32, 125.74 mph) defeats Roger Miller (Farmingdale NY, 1969 Pontiac Firebird, .043, 11.380 on an 11.37, 116.74 mph); Rick Constable, Succasunna NJ, 1997 Chevrolet Camaro, .037, 10.768 on a 10.43, 104.67 mph) defeats Denny Maclosky (Spotswood NJ, .031, 11.539 on a 10.58, 117.00 mph). FINAL: Constable (.007, 10.384 on a 10.43, 128.37 mph) defeats Bracuto (.033, 10.245 on a 10.32, 131.06 mph).


National Dragster Challenge at Virginia Motorsports Park

Due to multiple weeks of poor weather last fall, Virginia Motorsports Park will hold a make up National Dragster Challenge and Junior Dragster Challenge on Sunday, April 19th. This race will also serve as an ET Points Race. Super Pro and Junior Dragsters will run 1/8th mile while Modified and Bikes will run 1/4 mile. Payouts and entry fees will be the same as a regular VMP ET Points Race with 1st round re-entry only. Gates open 11:00 am, time shots begin at 1:00 pm, and eliminations begin at 3:00 pm.


Buckeye Fives at Kil-Kare Memorial Day Weekend

Kil-Kare Dragway (Xenia, OH) will dole out some green Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday May 23rd, Sunday May 24th, and Monday May 25th) with its Buckeye Fives event for Box, No Box and Bikes. Box will run in the 1/8th and pays $5,000 Win, $1,800 Runner Up, $600 Semis, $200 Quarters, and $100 Eighths each day. Entry is $100 daily or $250 for the weekend. 1st Round only buy backs are $50. No Box will also run in the 1/8th and pays $2,000 Win, $800 Runner Up, $300 Semis, $100 Quarters, $60 Eighths each day. Entry is $60 daily or $150 for the weekend. 1st Round only buy backs are $30. Bikes will run in the 1/4 and pays $400 Win, $200 Runner Up, $100 Semis each day. With a minimum of 32 bikes, the Quarters will receive a tech card. Entry is $35 daily or $100 for the weekend. 1st Round only buy backs are $25. Gates open 9:00 am each day, with time shots beginning at 10:00 am. Parking is available on Friday from 8:00 pm to midnight. For hotel information, contact the Holiday Inn of Xenia at (937) 372-9921. For more info, call (937) 429-2961, or visit www.kilkare.com.


Bring Your Lucky Charm To The Farm May 1st-3rd

Farmington Dragway presents its 5th Annual Big Bucks Bonanza Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This is an 1/8th mile race for 8.49 and quicker ET break, and all IHRA safety rules apply. No mid-range stutter boxes are allowed, but throttle stops are permitted. Friday’s and Sunday’s races each pay $10,000 to Win, $2,000 to the Runner-Up, $500 to Semis, and $100 per all other won rounds starting with 3rd round. Entry for either day is $150 for car & driver; Buy Backs are $100. Saturday is $50,000 to Win, $10,000 to Runner-Up, $2,000 to Semis, $1,000 to Quarters, $500 to Eighths, and $400 to Sixteenths. Entry for Saturday is $450 for car & driver; Buy Backs are $300.

Farmington will be open Thursday, April 30th beginning at 5:00 pm for parking and test & tune. Friday and Saturday gates open at 8:00 am with open time runs from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon. Sunday gates open at 9:00 am, with time runs only for new entries beginning at 12:00 noon. For additional rules and information, visit their website at www.farmingtondragway.net.


Black Horse Auto Body to Award Scholarship to 2009 UTI High School Challenge Winner at Maple Grove on April 26th
The UTI High School Challenge at Maple Grove Raceway is a yearly event that draws high school competitors to compete for both a team championship and an overall championship. In 2008, Twin Valley High School took the team championship and Ethan Laporta from Downingtown West High School took the overall championship. The 2009 UTI High School Challenge will be held April 26th, and Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc. of Plymouth Meeting, PA, will be awarding the overall champion a $500 scholarship towards post-high school continued education or military service. "The UTI High School Challenge is a wonderful program," said Black Horse Auto Body Shop President John DiMino. "It generates interest in our youth for racing in the future."

DiMino began racing in the 1970s and he knows the value of involving youths in the sport, having started racing with his son, John Jr., and daughter, Stephanie in 1998. Between the three of them, they race a 1966 Impala, a 1964 Ford Thunderbolt and a Nostalgia Super Stock 1966 Dodge Hemi Coronet. John Jr. was recently the runner up at Pinks All Out at Maple Grove in 2007 and Stephanie is the 2004 and 2006 National Street Car Association overall points champion for Nostalgia Super Stock.


Getting Super Nostalgic At Cecil County Dragway
The East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association will be taking to the track this Saturday April 18th at Cecil County Dragway for their first race of the 2009 season. This will be a points-earning event towards their 2009 Series Championship. In conjunction with the ECNSSA is the Real Street Association as well as regular Test-N-Tune program. This is the ECNSSA’s first event at Cecil County, but they’ll be right at home racing at a track that has so much Super Stock history. Gates open at 8:00 am.

For information about joining the East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association, send an email to Mark Skinner at skinner427@comcast.net.


$6,800 Up For Grabs Saturday, April 11th At Virginia Motorsports Park
Major cash will be up for grabs when Virginia Motorsports Park hosts the Spring Run & Fun this weekend on Saturday, April 11th. Highlighting the event will be the 1/8th mile Quick 16 Shootout with a total purse of $6,800 and the winner taking home $2,000. Fans can also catch some of the quickest grudge racers in the area battling down the strip for bragging rights. Open Test-N-Tune will be available for both cars and bikes from 10 am to 2 pm. Live DJs will be on stage all afternoon leading up to the performance of Soul Unlimited later in the evening, and there will be plenty of tailgating and partying in the pit area. Gates open 9:00 am, with Test-N-Tune beginning at 10:00 am and Quick 16 qualifying beginning at 2:00 pm. Entry fees are $100 for Q16, $50 for No Time and $35 for Test-N-Tune.

VMP Finally Beats Weather: After weeks of fighting the weather VMP was finally able to get in a full weekend of racing. Bill Thurston kicked off the season with a win Friday night in Muscle Street after his final round opponent Shawn Foster broke out, making a 15.820 pass on a 15.85 dial in.

Saturday VMP unveiled its new Judgement Day Series. The scoreboards were shut off as both bikes and cars took to the track for grudge racing. In the first Street Outlaw race of the season, Mark Ingle picked up the victory after Tim Essick turned on the red light. Ingle takes an early lead in the points. Street Boss also made its 2009 debut, and it was Shelley Smith defeating Garrett Shell to claim top honors with a 5.283, 137 MPH pass; Smith currently leads the points. In the Bike Quick 16 it was Joe Smith who grabbed the win after Brian Guarino broke out, running a 9.448 on a 9.45 dial. In Street Bike final Donald Ferguson Jr was also the beneficiary of a breakout when his opponent made the quarter mile pass in 9.586 seconds on a 9.60 dial.

On Sunday it was all bikes bringing Thunder to Virginia as VMP hosted its annual Virginia Bike Fest. The event featured a huge bike show, burnout pit, wild bike rodeo, Wolfman John and the Nitro Girls, the Suck Bang Blow Nitro Saloon and flat out drag racing action all day.

In the All Harley Shootout it was Steve Murray taking home the win with an 11.801, 110 MPH pass to oust Mike Schulz. In Pro Bike, Robert Johnson took the advantage at the tree and never looked back, using an 8.835, 142 MPH pass to beat Wilson Burkhead for the crown. In Street Bike it was an all-Marable final as Buddy Marable battled Craig Marable with Buddy taking the win after Craig red-lights.


Lynch Mobs The Rock With Second Win In Three Weeks

Gray Matter: Tim Lynch in his 2002 Ford Mustang

Tim Lynch won for the second time in three weeks at Rockingham Dragway, using an .030 starting line advantage to get his 2002 Ford Mustang to the finish line .007 ahead of Bill Futch’s Camaro Sunday in the Outlaw 10.5 final of the 1320X championship.

As he did two weeks ago in the Holcomb Motorsports Spring Civil Wars, Lynch won from the No. 1 qualifying position. This time, however, it wasn’t quite as easy. Futch, the Lehigh, FL driver who qualified third, had the better ET in the final but couldn’t overcome Lynch’s starting line edge.

Other winners were Richard Britt of Darlington, SC, in Outlaw 7.99, Brad Edwards of Leicester, NC in Outlaw Drag Radial, Jonathan Wiggins of Dunn, NC in the Bracket Challenge and Andrew Demarco of Reading, MA who drove his 1992 Ford Mustang to victory in the 5.50 Index Challenge.

OUTLAW 10.5 SEMIFINALS: Bill Futch (Lehigh, FL, 2004 Chevrolet Camaro, .061, 4.336, 178.14 mph) defeats Bryan Markicwicz (Seminole, FL, 2003 Ford Mustang, .139, 4.365, 173.63 mph); Tim Lynch (Woodstock, GA, 2002 Ford Mustang, .084, 4.373, 180.74 mph) defeats Dave Cox (Conway, SC, 2004 Ford Mustang, .051, 4.652, 158.11 mph). FINAL: Lynch (.066, 4.332, 180.19 mph) defeats Futch (096, 4.309, 179.71 mph).

OUTLAW 7.99 SEMIFINALS: Richard Britt (Darlington, SC, 1972 Ford Maverick, .030, 8.010, 82.97 mph) defeats Gary Sanders (Eagle Springs, NC, 1992 Ford Mustang, .010, 8.057, 82.45 mph), Robert Hall (Lemon Springs, NC, 1993 Ford Mustang) has the bye. FINAL: Britt (.080, 8.011, 83.36 mph) defeats Hall (.037, 8.100, 84.55 mph).

FOOTBRAKE SEMIFINALS: Jonathan Wiggins (Dunn NC, 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle, .072, 6.853 on a 6.850, 98.94 mph) defeats J.D. Lewis (Lumberton, NC, 1977 Chevrolet Camaro, foul); Doug Edwards (Whiteville, NC, 1989 Ford Mustang) has the bye. FINAL: Wiggins defeats Edwards (foul).

DRAG RADIAL SEMIFINALS: Richie Stine (Woodsboro, MD, 2002 Chevrolet Camaro, .076, 4.843, 153.21 mph) defeats Jason Black (1996 Ford Mustang, no time); Brad Edwards (Leicester, NC, 1988 Ford Mustang, .039, 4.822, 151.44 mph) defeats Gary Kramer (Feasterville, PA, 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, .065, 4.996, 148.07 mph). FINAL: Edwards (.006, 4.861, 151.26 mph) defeats Stine (.033, 4.895, 151.70 mph).


Maple Grove Announces Fan Ticket Insurance for NHRA Toyo Tires Nat'l Event
Maple Grove Raceway has announced a new program to help advance ticket purchasers make their decision early to order their tickets to the NHRA Toyo Tires Nationals, set for August 20th – 23rd, 2009. The new Fan Ticket Insurance program will offer customers a full refund including service charges if they can’t attend the event. Customers purchasing tickets from now until July 15th will be eligible for the plan. The program expires on July 17th when tickets start mailing to customers.

In making the announcement, Maple Grove Raceway Vice President and General Manager Lex Dudas stated; “We know the advance ticket purchase can add up to a considerable cash outlay and in these tough economic times we want our customers to feel at ease when they make their advance purchases knowing that if something happens in their personal life which keeps them from attending we will ensure a 100% refund on their order. The plan allows our customers to purchase their favorite seats in advance and gives them a comfort level knowing they are protected by the Fan Ticket Insurance.”

To be eligible for the refund customers must notify the Maple Grove Raceway ticketing office prior to July 15th. The policy expires once tickets are processed and mailed on or about July 17th, 2009.


A Flock Of Seagulls Can’t Ground NY’s Chris Rini in Bid to Be Top Dog in 2009
After officially splash-landing into the 2009 season, New York's Chris Rini and his team are hoping to keep the adrenaline pumping with an exciting and successful season...but on terra-firma. Rini was a passenger on US Airways flight 1549 which made an emergency landing in the Hudson River following a double bird strike on January 15, 2009; understandably the team is planning to keep all flights to a minimum. Now, after a busy and wet start to the 2009 season Rini is prepared to do battle against the heavy hitters in the NMCA ProStreet class. After a successful first year racing in the NMCA and a # 4 finish in the books, he’s coming back for more with his ATI Performance Products-sponsored Dodge Stratus.

Rini and the Stratus Team have made some changes this year, forming a new alliance with Buck Racing Engines. Charlie from Buck Racing Engines has been a friend of Rini for years and they've decided to put the Buck engine to the ultimate test. The motors have been updated to 747” & 784”, with both getting brand new manifolds from Speedtech and 4 stages of Speedtech Nitrous. Early dyno numbers and a three-day test session at Valdosta, GA show promise: a string of 6.40 ETs at over 218 mph mean things are looking good for the start of the season.

Back with Rini for 2009 is ATI Performance Products. Rini and ATI have done extensive R&D and testing; with the development of the Superglide 3 and some new design converters, Rini and the Stratus Team are fully stocked and ready for battle. They've committed to run the entire 2009 Piedmont Big Dawg series, along with the Mooresville Mad Dawg series, select IHRA Top Sportsman National Events & the NHRA Southern Nationals in Atlanta as a part of the Invitational Top Sportsman race.


Spring Didn't Spring at Englishtown’s 2nd Points Day
The calendar said March 22nd, but it still felt like winter at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. Yesterday was the second of ten scheduled ET points days, and it was a tricky one. The day started out fast, as a result of tight hook, cold air temperatures, high barometer and mineshaft density altitude. Racers were saying the morning time shot was the quickest and fastest they’d ever gone, despite a low to medium headwind. First round was even quicker, as pair after pair were breaking out. Second round was a different story, as the air got warmer and the wind really started kicking up, switching from head to cross. In the end, Tom Spangler of Piscataway, NJ navigated his way through the Super Pro field, defeating Steve Dunn of Jackson, NJ in the final. Spangler’s win moves him to the top of the Super Pro points, now ahead of Ed Pardun. In Pro ET, it was again an all-Camaro final, with the 1975 of Old Bridge’s Bubba Linke laying down the 1982 of Philipsburg’s Sean Conway. Linke’s not in the points, so Conway is the biggest benefactor. Chuck Morris of Windsor Locks, CT also had a strong day, enough to tie him with Clint Walters for the points lead. Last week’s winner Rick Mattioli of Middlesex, NJ moves to third. In a classic Street ET battle of Ford vs. Chevy, the 1995 Camaro of Medford, NJ’s Antoine Jett defeats John Hedenburg’s Old
Bridge, NJ 1991 Mustang. As in Pro, the biggest points winner is Hedenburg, but last week’s winner John Iacono of Ridgewood, NJ holds onto the #1 spot. In Bike/Sled, points leader John Evans of Ossining, NY piloted his 1997 Ski-Doo to a win over the 1996 Suzuki of Bay Shore, NY’s Michael Ostrowski. Top Street saw Don Volkman of Monroe Township, NJ take a win in his 1968 Camaro over the 1988 Chevy S10 of Scotch Plains’ Chris Cassidy. Cassidy makes the biggest jump in points, and is now tied numerically with last week’s winner Mike Beck of South River, NJ. Beck’s win gives him the tiebreaker, so he holds onto the lead.

SUPER ET SEMIFINALS: Tom Spangler (Piscataway NJ, 2000 Undercover, 0.034, 7.771 on a 7.66, 156.55 mph) defeats Ken Moses (Colonia NJ, 2008 Mullis, 0.033, 9.117 on a 7.40, 93.68 mph). Steve Dunn (Jackson NJ, 2002 Undercover) has the bye. FINAL: Spangler (0.017, 7.703 on a 7.69, 168.96 mph) defeats Dunn (0.018, 7.60 on a 7.57, 176.21 mph). PRO ET SEMIFINALS: Sean Conway (Phillipsburg NJ, 1982 Camaro, 0.072, 10.52 on a 10.52, 119.71 mph) defeats Chuck Morris (Windsor Locks CT, 1980 Chevy Malibu, 0.071, 10.611 on a 10.53, 109.74 mph). Bubba Linke (Old Bridge, N.J., 1970 Chevrolet Nova) has the bye. FINAL: Linke (0.04, 11.443 on an 11.40, 103.25 mph) defeats Conway (0.065, 10.529 on a 10.49, 125.68 mph). STREET ET SEMIFINALS: Antoine Jett (Medford NJ, 1995 Chevy Camaro, 0.062, 12.992 on a 12.99, 103.95 mph) defeats Bill Hood (Bensalem PA, 1988 Monte Carlo, 0.057, 12.91on a 12.90, 102.89 mph). John Hedenburg (Old Bridge NJ, 1991 Mustang) has the bye. FINAL: Jett (0.043, 13.035 on a 12.99, 104.34 mph) defeats Hedenburg (0.114, 11.737 on an 11.77, 113.56 mph). BIKE/SLED SEMIFINALS: Michael Ostrowski (Bay Shore NY, 1996 Suzuki, 0.088, 8.765 on an 8.80, 144.09 mph) defeats Jim Totaro (Tenafly NJ, 2001 Kawasaki, -0.087, 9.445 on a 9.36, 147.44 mph). John Evans (Ossining NY, 1997 Ski-doo) has the bye. FINAL: Evans (0.071, 8.452 on an 8.40, 142.22 mph) defeats Ostrowski (0.108, 8.842 on an 8.78, 142.1 mph). TOP STREET SEMIFINALS: Chris Cassidy (Scotch Plains NJ, 1988 Chevy S10, 0.021, 10.162 on a 10.19, 130.48 mph) defeats Rick Constable (Succasunna NJ, 1997 Chevy Camaro, 0.05, 10.251 on a 10.30, 130.69 mph). Don Volkmann (Monroe Township NJ, 1968 Chevy Camaro, 0.004, 10.141 on a 10.13, 129.99 mph) defeats Denny Maclosky (Spotswood NJ, 0.027, 11.439 on an 11.44, 117.61 mph). FINAL: Volkmann (0.051, 10.089 on a 10.13, 134.23 mph) defeats Cassidy (-0.003, 10.099 on a 10.17, 131.41 mph).


Jersey Speed LLC returns for first full season at Englishtown

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park now has a dedicated speed shop on-site. Jersey Speed LLC opened in mid-2008, and has returned in 2009 for their first full season. Located near the head of the staging lanes, Jersey Speed carries products from NOS, Moroso, Permatex, Comp Cams, Holley, Auto Meter, MSD, Exide Batteries, Mallory, TCI, Zex, and others. Nitrous and CO2 refills are available. Hours of operation are when the track is open: Wednesday nights, Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays. Call 732-333-4453, or visit www.jerseyspeed.com.


Englishtown’s March 14th Pro Dial Dash Ends Up In The Bizzaro World
Holbrook, NY’s Robert Bizzaro claimed a victory in the opening round of Old Bridge Township’s Raceway Park’s Pro Dial Dash on Saturday, March 14th. In an all-horse final, Bizzaro wheeled his 1988 Ford Mustang to a win over the 1988 Mustang of Tony DiPietro of Monroe, NJ. South River, NJ’s Mike Beck was the lone semi-finalist in his 1988 Pontiac Firebird.

QUARTERFINALS: Tony DiPietro (Monroe, NJ, 1988 Ford Mustang, 0.15, 11.622 on an 11.70, 114.16 mph) defeats Stacy Figman (Oakdale, NY, 1989 Ford Mustang, -0.028, 9.154 on a 9.12, 143.72 mph). Robert Bizzaro (Holbrook, NY, 1988 Ford Mustang, 0.05, 10.475 on a 10.43, 123.79 mph) defeats Thomas Scibek (Parlin, NJ, 1965 Chevrolet, 0.171, 10.154 on a 10.14, 130 mph). The single went to Mike Beck (South River, NJ, 1988 Pontiac Firebird). SEMIFINALS: DiPietro (0.131, 11.69 on an 11.62, 113.09 mph) defeats Beck (0.036, 10.957 on a 10.20, 126.7 mph). Bizzaro has the single. FINAL: Bizzaro (0.064, 10.47 on a 10.45, 120.64 mph) defeats DiPietro (0.087, 11.67 on an 11.65, 113.9 mph).

The Pro Dial Dash is a handicapped, dial-your-own format that utilizes a .500 Pro Tree. Deep staging is permitted and honored. Transbrakes and two-steps are allowed, but delay boxes and air/electric/pneumatic shifters are not. The Pro Dial Dash is an all-run gambler-style race and is open to all muffled domestic cars and trucks. The remaining 2009 race dates for the series are March 28th, April 4th, April 25th, May 9th, July 11th, August 29th, October 10th, October 31st and November 21st. For more information, contact Raceway Park at 732-446-7800.


Dogs Are Loose At Mooresville

Lots of heads-up racing this year at Mooresville Dragway (Mooresville, NC). The Outlaw Mad Dawgs will be back for their fourth season, joined by two new classes: Extreme 10.5 and the Piedmont Renegades. The Outlaw Mad Dawgs will compete four times at Mooresville, starting with the season opener April 10th and 11th. For more information, visit Mooresville Dragway's website at www.mooresvilledragway.com.


The Future Is Bright at New England Dragway
New England Dragway (Epping, NH) racers and fans will see the track in an entirely new light - literally, thanks to a Musco lighting system newly installed for 2009. The upgrade not only improves on-track lighting, but eliminates line of sight issues on the right side of the track.

"This is a major step in our goal to enhance the New England Dragway experience. Musco is recognized as the leader in outdoor lighting. Our guests deserve the best and that's what this new lighting system provides," explained Track/General Manager Joe Lombardo. One of Musco's prominent features is the incorporation of green technology into their product line. Lombardo noted that although the wattage increase for each fixture over the track's old lights is significant, the new Musco fixtures consume less energy. The project also netted a cooperative agreement between New England Dragway and the Town of Epping.

"When I sat down with Epping Town Planner Clay Mitchell to discuss the permitting process we started talking about alternative energy and wind generated electricity. We decided to install a data gathering anemometer near motorhome hill as part of the lighting project, which in turn will help determine if wind power is a viable alternative energy resource in this area."

New England Dragway’s opener is scheduled to be a Wednesday, April 1st Street Night, with gates opening at 5:00 pm. For more info, visit www.newenglanddragway.com, or call the track at (603) 679-8001.


You… Win... IRONMAN, at New York International Raceway Park
On Saturday June 27th, New York International Raceway Park (Leicester, NY) will be a hosting its 1st Annual "IHRA Ironman Classic" presented by Drag Review. This award is only achieved by a select few in the IHRA drag racing community, normally only by participating in a divisional points race or a national event. On June 27th, NYIRP will award an Ironman to the winners of Super Pro, Pro, Street, and Bike/Sled. In addition, the winners of the event will receive coverage in IHRA's Drag Review Magazine and on NYIRP.com after the race.

In other New York International news, NYIRP will be participating in the Summit Super Series in 2009. For more details, visit their website at www.nyirp.com.


Improvements Underway at Quarter Aces

Track staff and volunteers have been out in force at Quarter Aces Drag-O-Way (Boiling Springs, PA), getting the track ready for opening day on April 5th. Improvements include the purchase of a new tech building, and the sanding and painting the metal bracing on some of the seating. Also, the seating will soon be elevated and repositioned closer to the guard rail for excellent spectator viewing. All of the fencing past the bridge on the pit side has been removed to make way for a big paving project in the next two weeks. Eventually triple guard rail will be installed.


Englishtown Points-Opener Wins Over Mother Nature and Curfew; Pardun, Mattioli, Iacono and Beck Take Early Leads
Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (Englishtown, NJ) overcame a cold, wet start to just barely complete their first day of NHRA Division 1 ET bracket points competition on Sunday, March 15th. Although the weather forecast was for developing sunshine with temperatures in the mid-50s, the clouds never broke and the track was difficult to dry from the previous night’s rain, even with the jet. Time trials didn’t get under way until noon – two hours past the usual 10:00 am start. With a 7:30 pm curfew looming overhead, the likelihood of completing the event was a longshot. To make matters worse, when time trials did begin there were breakage issues with a few of the cars; this seemed to be the final nails in the coffin. However, once those gremlins were evicted from the property, the race was pulled off with clockwork efficiency. The track ran the race as quickly as they could, and the announcers did a great job of keeping everyone informed about the event’s progress. The best news was the announcement that there was a chance to finish on time if everyone worked together, despite there being only 45 minutes left until curfew and many rounds to go. All the racers did a great job of getting back to the staging lanes as quickly as they could; the final pair of the day was sent down the track with 3 minutes left. What a great job. A word of appreciation has to go out to the management of Raceway Park. I know that some racers are unhappy about only getting a single time-shot, but had the track given any more than that then the race would not have completed. Another aspect that might go unnoticed by some racers is what the track invested in last Sunday’s event. According to Raceway Park, they used at least 500 gallons of diesel in their track jet-dryer, which equates to at least $1,500 dollars. It would have been easier and less expensive to simply sit back and hope the track dried on its own, and if it didn’t, then oh well, thanks for coming and see you next time. The fact that the track invested in the completion of the event says something.

Super ET: Ed Pardun (Monroe, NJ) defeats Joe Siebert (New York, NY). Pardun driving Paul Skinger’s dragster; Siebert stages his wounded 235” 2007 Racetech after breaking a trans in the semis. Pro ET: Rick Mattioli (Middlesex, NJ) defeats Clint Walters (Poughkeepsie, NY) in an early vs. new battle of the Camaros. Mattioli’s ’67 prevails over Walter’s ’86. Street ET: John Iacono wins the final in his bone-stock, 140,000 mile, driven-to-the-track 1989 Mustang Notchback. Top Street: In an all-GM F-body final, Mike Beck’s (South River, NJ) 1988 Pontiac Firebird defeats the 1987 Camaro of Rick Constable (Succasunna, NJ).


Racers DQ The Recession As Big Numbers Compete at Rockingham's Twin Tens Event
Promoters George Howard and Steve Earwood weren’t quite ready to declare North Carolina’s drag racing to be recession-proof, but in the wake of the success of Rockingham Dragway’s TCI Twin Tens event March 6th – 8th they certainly were considerably more optimistic about the 2009 season.

Clarkton, NC’s Allen Britt and Lumberton, NC’s Jerry Brewer walked away with the biggest individual purses of the weekend as each claimed a $10,000 prize: Britt for winning the Pro race on Saturday and Brewer for doing the same on Sunday. What was most impressive to the promoters, though, was the field of 491 race cars representing eight states. “We felt like our racers would support us, but we were still surprised by the turnout,” Earwood said. “Those are pre-recession numbers which we think shows that even in hard times, people need entertainment and they need diversions.”

Other winners were the Winston- Salem-based Plott brothers, Tommy and Chris, who each earned $5,000; and Phil Combs of Demossville, KY, who also took home a $5,000 check as the No-Box winner on Saturday. Tommy Plott won Friday’s Pro Gamblers race and Chris Plott was the No-Box winner on Sunday.

The Jr. Dragster titles were split between Nicole Phillips of Sumter, SC, and Ryan Crews of Advance, NC. Crews beat Phillips to win on Saturday; Phillips returned the favor Sunday.

A new addition to the program was the Quick 8 race which matched the eight quickest vehicles on the property. Brad Nesbitt of McLeansville, NC proved the quickest of the quick in that event, using a 4.157 second time to overcome the .007 reaction time of Everette Short of Travelers Rest, SC.


FRIDAY PRO GAMBLERS RACE FINAL: Tommy Plott (Winston-Salem, NC, .010, 5.093 on a 4.860, 108.75 mph) defeats Chuck Martin (Connelly Springs, NC, broke). SATURDAY QUICK 8 FINAL: Brett Nesbitt (McLeansville, NC, .118, 4.157, 169.10 mph) defeats Everette Short (Travelers Rest, SC, .007, 4.453, 156.17 mph). SATURDAY PRO ET FINAL: Allen Britt (Clarkton, 1967 Chevy Camaro, .018, 6.176 on a 6.160, 109.02 mph) defeats Michael Woodring (Lenoir, dragster, .061, 5.053 on a 4.940, 133.25 mph). SATURDAY NO-BOX FINAL: Phil Combs (Demossville, KY, 1988 Chevy S-10 truck, .025, 6.408, 106.06 mph) defeats Richard Alford Jr. (Raleigh, NC, 1971 Chevy Chevelle, foul). SATURDAY JR. DRAGSTER FINAL: Ryan Crews (Advance, NC, .010, 7.920 on a 7.900, 82.24 mph), defeats Nicole Phillips (Sumter, SC, .005, 7.991 on a 7.950, 80.75 mph).

SUNDAY PRO ET FINAL: Jerry Brewer, (Lumberton, NC, dragster, .032, 4.749 on a 4.760, 144.77 mph) defeats Johnny Bruton (Green Sea, SC, dragster, .043, 6.166 on a 6.180, 109.89 mph). SUNDAY NO BOX FINAL: Chris Plott (Winston-Salem, NC, 1970 Mercury Cougar, .030, 6.357 on a 6.320, 102.27 mph) defeats Rodney Finehum (Newport, TN, .040, 8.043 on a 7.990, 81.20 mph). SUNDAY JR DRAGSTER FINAL: Nicole Phillips (Sumter, SC, .056, 7.986 on a 7.980, 80.82 mph) defeats Ryan Crews (Advance, NC .017, 7.983 on a 7.900, 80.19 mph).


Pittsburgh Raceway Park Points Racers Have Big Bucks In Sight In 2009

In a repeat of their 2008 season, Pittsburgh Raceway Park will again be giving away big bucks to points winners in 2009. In conjunction with Import Export Tire, Pittsburgh Raceway will award a total of $30,000 at their end-of-the-season banquet for points winners.

PRP will have sign-up for the 2009 points season during their Test-N-Tune days, the first of which are April 4th & 5th opening weekend. Those who sign up in Top and Modified will have a chance for $5,000 to the winner in each class.

Racers in Bike and Street have a chance to win $2,000, while the Trophy winner can earn $200. Junior Dragster winners will get a $1,000 savings bond; each class. These are only the 1st Place amounts; there are additional winnings to those in 2nd place and lower depending on the class.

For more information, call the track at 724-668-7600, or visit pittsburghracewaypark.com.


Extreme 10.5 Racers Bill Glidden and Todd Moyer Winners At ADRL Season Opener

Bill Glidden and Todd Moyer made impressive season debuts at Houston Raceway Park March 6th and 7th at the Safety-Kleen Dragapalooza V, the opening round of the ten-race 2009 National Guard ADRL drag racing tour.

Glidden scored his fifth national event win, and Moyer qualified number one and claimed a $5,000 cash prize for being the first Extreme 10.5 driver to run faster than 185 miles per hour. Glidden, however, pulled ahead during eliminations and earned the Minuteman title over defender Jake Carlton for the Extreme 10.5 Class win. “Winning at the first event of the season was very exciting for us. This competition gets tougher all the time and we could not have done it without our Mickey Thompson tires and wheels,” stated Glidden.

“The Bill Glidden racing team gives this racing program everything they have and their performance this past weekend was incredible,” said Carl Robinson, Motorsports Manager, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. “We would like to thank ADRL President and CEO Kenny Nowling and his staff for creating an incredible racing experience that brought 56,000 race fans out on Saturday alone.” The remaining scheduled stops on the 2009 National Guard ADRL Tour are: April 10th – 11th: ADRL Georgia Drags V, South Georgia Motorsports Park; May 22nd-23rd: ADRL Memphis Drags II, Memphis Motorsports Park; June 5th-6th: ADRL Pizza Hut Summer Drags V, U.S. 131 Motorsports Park; July 3rd-4th: ADRL Shelor Motor Mile Independence Drags III, Motor Mile Dragway; July 24th-25th: ADRL NationalGuard.com U.S. Drags II, Virginia Motorsports Park; August 7th-8th: ADRL Gateway Drags II, Gateway International Raceway; August 21st-22nd: ADRL Ohio Drags III, National Trail Raceway; September 11th-12th ADRL Flowmaster Dragstock VI, Rockingham Dragway; October 23rd-24th LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals V, Texas Motorplex. American Drag Racing League classes are Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, and Extreme Pro Stock. For information about ADRL events or membership, visit their website at www.adrl.us.


ET Points Battles Get Underway This Coming Weekend

We've suffered through the media's barrage of economic-doomsday stories, and we've endured a long winter. It's time to (hopefully) put that behind us, because what we've all been waiting for is finally here: the 2009 bracket racing season. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (Englishtown, NJ) kicks off their points season this weekend on Sunday, March 15th. Atco Raceway (Atco, NJ) begins this weekend as well: Saturday for Jr. Dragsters, and Sunday for Motorcycle ET points. Atco's Super Pro, Pro, and Street points aren't far behind: their season gets going on Saturday, March 21st. Island Dragway (Great Meadows, NJ) scares the wildlife beginning Saturday, April 4th. IHRA's Beaver Springs Dragway (Beaver Springs, PA) gets things going the next day, Sunday, April 5th. Skyview Drags (Tioga Center, NY) starts off their points season Saturday, May 2nd. Feel free to drop a line at news@dragtimenews.com to share when your track's points season begins.


First is Not Worst Thanks to Maryland International Raceway and ATI

Maryland International Raceway and ATI Performance Products have teamed up to present a unique approach to big-dollar bracket races. Their First And Final weekend event is scheduled for Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 28th – 30th, 2009. According to the press release, “Most of the big buck E.T. races take 4 or 5 rounds to win your entire entry fee back, but at First And Final, if you win the first round, you get 100% of your entry back and a free shot at the Winner’s Purse.” Here’s the structure:

First Round Winners and Event Winner are the only positions paid. MIR will solicit split with the drivers starting in the quarter finals. • 1st and 2nd Round re-entry. Re-entries run as a separate round. No 2nd Round re-entry will be run if there are over 300 cars. • Depending on the car count, a second First And Final race may be run on Saturday. • No double entry permitted. • No throttle stops allowed. • All races are 1/8th Mile • No other classes or Test-N-Tune will be run at this event. • Mulligan: $20 each - Drawing at the end of the 4th round, winner goes into the 5th round. Winning ticket can be put back in any racer they choose. • Break policy - FOR THIS RACE ONLY - Full cash refund less $40 for Crew/Tech fee. • No pre-entry required • One driver may drive 2 cars. • Maryland International Raceway points not in effect. Entry fees for racers are $200 for Friday, $1,000 for Saturday, and $200 for Sunday; all initial entry fees must be paid in cash, as winnings will be paid in cash. Re-entries, Mulligans, etc. can be paid in cash or by credit card. Spectators and Crew is $15 per day, or $40 for a 3-day pass. Sunday’s schedule will also include the AutoFab Team Brawl which will run in conjunction with the Firstand Final. There is no additional entry fee and you do not have to be on a team to race. AutoFab and MIR are posting a purse of $8,000 for the winning team to split among its members. Team Brawl rules: • Team name, car numbers & drivers’ names must be turned in to the tower before first round starts on Sunday morning. • Team roster forms and team decals will be available at the tower. • $8000 team winnings will be prorated if there is less than a 100-car average per race during the event. • Team points: 1 point per win, points count for re-entries and Mulligan. • Tie breakers: 1st - Team member that goes the furthest in eliminations. 2nd - Each team chooses one racer for a one-run run-off.

Friday’s schedule: gates open 12:00 noon; two sessions of time trials start at 2:00 p.m., and eliminations start at 6:00 p.m. Gates open Saturday at 9:00 a.m.; two sessions of time trials start at 10:00 a.m., and eliminations start at 2:00 p.m. If time permits, there will be a Second Chance First & Final at 8:00 p.m. Sunday’s schedule: gates open 9:00 a.m., a single time trial starts at 10:00 a.m., and eliminations start 12:30 p.m. For more information, visit the event website at www.ultimategamblersrace.com. You can also contact Maryland International Raceway at 301-884-9833 (www.mirdrag.com) or ATI at 410-298-4343 (www.atiracing.com).


Mickey Thompson Performance Tires Supports Bracket Racing In A Million Ways

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels has announced its sponsorship of the 14th Annual Comp Cams Million Dollar Bracket Race. The race features some of the heaviest hitters in the country all competing for the largest payout in bracket racing history.

“Mickey Thompson has been involved in this race since its inception and it is truly the premiere event in high dollar bracket racing,” stated Carl Robinson, Motorsports Manager, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. “It’s a great way to show off the tire products developed in our Big Tire Development program. Many of our ‘Team M/T’ members like Luke Bogacki, Anthony Bertozzi and others will be there to carry our flag, and we’ll be there with our Race Support Team be make sure that they have everything they need to win this event.”

George Howard’s original 14th Annual Comp Cams Million begins October 8th and runs through October 14th at Memphis Motorsports Park in Millington, TN.

For more information, visit www.race2themillion.com. For more info on Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels visit their website at www.mickeythompsontires.com.


NENDRA Turns Back Time at Lebanon Valley

The North East Nostalgia Drag Racing Association (NENDRA) is a relatively new member of the nostalgia drag racing community, but since their inception they’ve grown by leaps and bounds and have a 9-race points series scheduled for Lebanon Valley Dragway this year. The race dates are May 2nd, June 6th, June 20th, July 18th, August 8th, August 29th, September 12th, October 10th, and October 17th.

According to NENDRA’s website, “This organization is designed to allow numerous types of cars to participate…Any American-made vehicle from 1961 to 1974…All cars in competition must run between 12.50 and 8.50. This will be a bracket-style dial-your-own type racing with a breakout rule in effect. A Pro .500 tree will be utilized to limit foul starts and allow for more even racing...The object here is to create a safe, competitive venue for showcasing vehicles from the “Golden Age of Drag Racing.” If you’re interested in joining NENDRA or would like more information about the association, visit www.nendra.com.


Atco's Big $$$ Super Pro Races Kick Off Easter Weekend

Atco Raceway presents the RaceTech/Jeg’s/World Products Summer Series Shootout series opener Easter Weekend, April 10th, 11th, and 12th. Friday’s race is $5,000 to win; gates open at 11:00 am. Saturday is a $10,000 to win; gates open at 9:00 am. Sunday’s event rounds out the weekend; gates open at 9:00 am for the Sunday $5,000 to win event. For entry fees, payout structures, and other information, call Atco Raceway at (856) 768-2167.

In other Atco news, the Speed Shop at Atco, in conjunction with Select Performance of West Babylon, NY, will sponsor the NHRA Top Sportsman Doorslammer Series. The series consists of seven events in 2009: Atco Raceway (April 3rd-5th); Virginia Motorsports Park (May 2nd - 3rd); Maple Grove Raceway (May 22nd – 24th); Lebanon Valley Dragway (July 3rd – 5th); Numidia Dragway (July 25th – 26th); Atco Raceway (October 2nd – 4th); and Maple Grove Raceway (October 22nd – 25th). For more information, call Atco Raceway at (856) 768-2167, or visit www.atcorace.com.


New Season For Old Cars 

For those of you who own (or just plain love) nostalgia race machines, there’s no shortage of events for you in the 2009 season. The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racers' Association (MANDRA), the North East Timing Organization (NETO), the East Coast Gassers (ECG) and the East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association (ECNSSA) have all released their 2009 season schedules.

MANDRA will run the following points races: Atco Raceway (April 25th); Island Dragway (May 3rd); Numidia Dragway (May 23-24); Quarter Aces Dragway (June 14); Island Dragway (June 28); Mason Dixon Dragway (July 12th); Cecil County Dragway (July 25th); Quarter Aces Dragway (August 9th); Numidia Dragway (August 16th); Mason Dixon Dragway (August 30th); Beaver Springs Dragway (September 5th & 6th); Maple Grove Raceway “Geezers At The Grove” (September 11th & 12th); Atco Raceway (October 17th); Cecil County Dragway “Ralph Eberly Memorial Race & Picnic” (October 24th). In addition to MANDRA’s point series, they’ll be running the following non-points events: Virginia Motorsports Park (May 15th – 17th); Indianapolis, IN “Good Guys” (June 12th – 14th); Bowling Green, KY “Hot Rod Reunion” ( June 19th-21st); Old Bridge Township Raceway Park “Funny Car Reunion & Nostalgia Drags” (July 26th); and Pittsburgh Raceway Park (September 19th). For information about MANDRA, visit www.mandraracing.com.

NETO will be running the following events in 2009: Island Dragway (May 3rd); Lebanon Valley Dragway (May 17th); Numidia Dragway (May 30th & 31st); Skyview Dragway (June 27th); Island Dragway (June 28th); Beaver Springs Dragway (July 11th & 12th); Old Bridge Township Raceway Park “Funny Car Reunion & Nostalgia Drags” (July 26th); Beaver Springs Dragway (August 15th & 16th); Maple Grove Raceway “Geezers At The Grove” (September 11th & 12th); Island Dragway “Paul Terezis Memorial” (September 13th); Lebanon Valley Dragway “John Parks Memorial” (September 27th) and Fall Finals (October 10th). Visit www.netonostalgia.com for more info.

The East Coast Gassers are back for another season of wheel-standing quarter-mile excitement. Their 2009 schedule includes eleven race events: Quarter Aces Dragway (May 17th); Numidia Dragway (May 30th); Beaver Springs Dragway (July 11th & 12th); Old Bridge Township Raceway Park “Funny Car Reunion & Nostalgia Drags” (July 26th); Dunn Tire Raceway Park (July 31st – August 2nd); Maple Grove Raceway “Geezers At The Grove” (September 11th & 12th); Beaver Springs Dragway “Jalopy Drags” (October 3rd); Quarter Aces Dragway (October 4th); Atco Raceway "Nostalgia S/S Spectacular" (October 17th) and Fall Finale (November 1st). For more information, visit ECG on the web at www.eastcoastgassers.com.

Rounding out the 2009 nostalgia season is the East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association, with their 10-race schedule: Cecil County Dragway (April 18th); Atco Raceway (April 26th, May 10th); Cecil County Dragway (May 30th); Beaver Springs Dragway (July 12th); Old Bridge Township Raceway Park “Funny Car Reunion & Nostalgia Drags” (July 26th); Atco Raceway (August 30th); Island Dragway (September 20th); Atco Raceway "Nostalgia S/S Spectacular" (October 17th) and Fall Finale (November 1st). For more information, contact Mark Skinner at skinner427@comcast.net.


Quarter Aces Leaves ‘Em Flat Out

Quarter Aces Dragway (Boiling Springs, PA) will debut a new monthly event for the 2009 race season. The new WFO (Wideopen Flat-Out) eliminator is a heads-up class that will run each third Sunday throughout the season. Sponsored by Brad Rodgers at Brookside Motors in Dover, PA, the class is for street legal and licensed vehicles with D.O.T. tires. Any engines are allowed, as are power adders. WFO is non-handicapped heads-up racing using a five tenths pro tree. Further details and payouts to be determined and finalized soon, so visit their website at www.quarteracesdragway.com, or call the track at (717) 258-6287.


Elk Creek Dragway Puts A Racer In The Trailer In 2009

Elk Creek Dragway (Elk Creek, VA) is giving its points racers something special to shoot for with their 2009 Pro-Line Performance Trailer Challenge. One lucky racer at the conclusion of the 2009 racing season will win a 24-foot enclosed box trailer from Pro-Line Performance & Trailer Sales. The program is open to competitors in Super Pro, Footbrake, DOT, Bracket 2 Jr. Dragsters & Motorcycles. Eligibility requires being a member of Elk Creek’s weekly points program, competing in a minimum of 10 races in 2009, and displaying the shootout sticker on the race vehicle. For full details, visit their website at www.elkcreekdragway.com, or call the track at (276) 655-4551.


Leave It To The Beaver

Beaver Springs Dragway (Beaver Springs, PA) brings back Stop Light Drags in 2009 on June 20th, July 18th, Aug. 8th and September 19th. According to Beaver Springs’ website, this is “heads-up, flat-out racing plus handicap Auto-Dial-In racing all starting utilizing a real stop light.” The Stop Light Drags is for street legal cars and bikes, plus Outlaw, Bone Stock Truck and Soccer Mom classes. Most classes are $27 to race; spectators: $10 each or $20 a carload. Gates open 5:00 pm, Grudge Runs start at 5:30 pm. For more information, visit www.beaversprings.com.


Virginia Motorsports Park Is On The (Big) Block

The Outlaw Small Block Association President Bill Harris has issued a challenge to all big block racers to take on his team of 8 small block cars at Virginia Motorsports Park on Friday, April 17th. VMP is currently in the process of rounding up 8 big blocks to answer Bill’s challenge. “We really want to put them in their place, and remind everyone that size doesn’t matter,” stated Harris. If you’re a big block racer and would like to accept this challenge, email Marc Wesler at mwesler@virginiamotorsports.com to join Team VMP. If you’re interested in joining the Outlaw Small Block Association or to learn more about the OSBA, visit them on the web at www.osbadrag.com.


Cecil County Takes It To The (Outlaw) Streets in 2009

Cecil County Dragway (Rising Sun, MD) has announced its 2009 Outlaw Street Car Shootout schedule presented by Finishline Performance of Wilmington, DE. Six classes will contest during the eight-race points-series in 2009: Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Drag Radial, 7.50 Index, 8.50 Index, Pro Street and Super Street. Details for each class is as follows: Outlaw 10.5: $125 entry, $2,500 to Win, $1,200 to Runner-Up, $500 to Semis, $125 to Qtrs. Outlaw Drag Radial: $100 entry, $1,500 to Win, $600 to Runner-Up, $250 to Semis, $100 to Qtrs. (must have full 16-car field); 7.50 Index: $200 entry, 100% of entry paid back to racer payout. 8.50 Index: $75 entry, $1,000 to Win, $500 to Runner-Up, $200 to Semis, $75 to Qtrs. (IF 16+ car field). Pro Street & Super Street: $50 entry, $500 to Win, $250 to Runner-Up, $125 to Semis, $50 to Qtrs. (IF 32+ Cars 1st Round). The dates are Saturdays: April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th, August 1st, September 5th, October 3rd, and November 7th, with the rain dates being the next day on Sundays. Gates open noon with qualifying at 1:00 pm and eliminations beginning after the 2nd Qualifier. For more details and full rules, visit Cecil County’s website at www.cecilcountydragway.com.


Atco Raceway Puts Its Money Where Its Foot Is

Atco Raceway (Atco, NJ) has announced the return of the big-dollar footbrake race in 2009. The two-day Footbrake Challenge is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, August 15th & 16th. Saturday’s race is $10,000 to Win, and Sunday’s is $5,000 to Win. Gates open both days at 9:00 am. Also, Atco will have NHRA Chassis Certification on Saturday, March 7th. Call Atco at 856-768-2167 for more information.


Dash To Englishtown In 2009

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park’s (Englishtown, NJ) popular Pro Dial Dash series returns for a seventh season. The Saturday eliminator will be contested over eleven points days in 2009. The Pro Dial Dash is a handicapped, dial-your-own format that utilizes a .500 Pro Tree. Deep staging is permitted and honored. Transbrakes and two-steps are allowed, but delay boxes and air/electric/pneumatic shifters are not. The Pro Dial Dash is an all-run gambler-style race and is open to all muffled domestic cars and trucks. The 2009 race dates for the series are March 14th, March 28th, April 4th, April 25th, May 9th, July 11th, August 29th, October 10th, October 31st and November 21st. For more information, contact Raceway Park at 732-446-7800.


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