MASGA, MASCA, ECSSSA and ECNSSA at Atco Raceway, April 2012

Atco Raceway, April 29th, 2012 - Welcome to our photo coverage of the events of the Mid Atlantic Super Gas Association, the Mid Atlantic Super Comp Association, the East Coast Stock / Super Stock Association, and the East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Association. Although we've written about and publicized these groups before (and I've raced at East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock events in the past), this was our first time actually in attendance to cover the events, and we weren't disappointed. Racers, if you have a car that fits into any of these groups and you want to have a nice, friendly day at the track, then make it a point to come race with them. One word of caution: just because it's a nice friendly day of racing doesn't mean it's a bunch of newbies or strokes; there are some heavy hitters here as you'll see in the photos. How about hardcore Super Gas racers like Tom Goldman and recent Charlotte national event winner Iggie Boicesco. In Super Comp there was multiple divisional event winner Richard Leone among the crowd. In Stock and Super Stock, names like Linke, Morehead, and Calabro. Walking through the pits felt like a mini divisional; we love Sportsman racing so this was a lot of fun for us.

The only downside to an event like this is there aren't typically entry sheets like I get at National and Divisional events so I might not know who all the drivers are. If I've featured your photo and didn't put up a caption, please send me an email and I'll fix it. Now here's Part I...

When we got to the track this blown altered was making a test pass
Super Comp on the track
More Super Comp on the track, and Nostalgia Super Stock on deck in the lanes
We have our cameras time-sync'd and present our coverage in the order we took the photos, so that's why they seem to jump back and forth. While I was in the pits shooting the nostalgia cars, Stephanie was shooting the dragsters.
Stock Eliminator racer Jeanne Linke and Super Comp racer Doug Doll catching the action from the stands between passes in their own cars.

There were even a few nostalgia funny cars testing on the property today. Kewl!
and Pontiacs. All were well-represented in Nostalgia Super Stock today.

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